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By Eric Jones
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So I’m working on my next few articles and I wanted to give everyone a heads up so I could get some feedback before most of them go to the editors here at SitePoint.

I’m going to do a series on Frameworks. The first article will be a brief overview of frameworks, the pros, the cons, etc etc. Then after that I’ll spend an article a piece on each framework. Right now I’m planning on just doing the “big 3” as I call them , which consists of FuseBox, Mach-ii, and OnTap.

If anyone has anything in particular they’d like to see let me know here or in the forums. If you want to chime in your thoughts again I’m all ears, or eyes as the case may be!

The only thing I ask is that you don’t start a “this framework is better than that framework” war here, take that to the forums for everyone’s sanity.

I DO want to hear why you like one framework over another, how you are using or plan to use frameworks, and what problems you’ve encountered with your particular framework / project.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Patrick Whittingham


    Our experience with Fusebox4 is that it is very slow. We had a consultant how implemented fusebox4 and it is slow and not modular at all. This guy made tons of cfincludes without thinking what should be within it.

  • Steve Nelson

    Fusebox4 is only slow in development mode. When it is in development mode it is reading and parsing xml files. Switch to production mode (look in fusebox.xml.cfm) and it only adds about 2ms to your request. It’s very very fast.

  • Kai Tischler

    I’m really looking forward to this article series ! Because I’m currently in the process of choosing an approach for developing complex CFML-based web apps.
    Unfortunately, as of now I cannot contribute robust practical insight. The more I hope that this “big 3” comparison is also based on heavy use “in the wild”.
    Furthermore, I would like to know about any unique features each framework provides with regard to the resulting web app functionality/design.
    One more topic: Could the Coldfusion-based CMS “FarCry” also be considered ? Due to its API capabilities it looks to me like the big 4th framework; at least I’m considering it for complex web app development, too. Perhaps in conjunction with onTap or Mach II ?

    That’s for now

  • Patrick,
    Your problem is not with FB4 but with the consultant, We have done a number of very large sites with lots of traffic in FB4 using the popular pseudo MVC architecture (very modular), and they run super fast, at least 5-6 times faster than similiar sites in FB3 (which by the away was sloooow).

    Dont blame the ingredients when you need to blame to cook.

  • mousemedia

    I can’t find a framework – that people like me can understand – and start to get working.. I started using cf with the _action.cfm page method – now I’m lost I tried to use cfcs to handle basic read, write, amend and delete records and having no luck – is there anyway – us none programmers can facilite an easy framework?

  • About frameworks and Switch_box

    Swtich_box is not a

  • jonese

    Switchbox sounds interesting. OnTap isn’t really a big three either, it’s just got a lot of press of recent. I’m going to looking switchbox and it could very likely get added in. My plan is to make this series something can grow and expand as new frameworks mature or come to the surface.

    so if anyone has any other frameworks they’d like to see post em here!

  • John Farrar

    One thing that I desire from a framework is a mix of methodology and presentation and administration. (No one like to rebuild or not be able to reuse.) The few frameworks I found that deal with presentation and content seperation in a meaningful (my definition) way are not good for more basic developers. Therefore for enterprise they are fine… I like serving the Small Business… and want something structured… but not something that requires a book for them to expand or manage design patterns.