By Alex Walker

UI Stencil Kit for iPhone App Designers

By Alex Walker

What’s shiny, polished, iPhone-like but a fraction of the price of an iPhone?

No, it’s not another cheap iPod Touch knockoff, but this really nifty iPhone Stencil Kit from Design Commission.

iPhone Stencil Kit from Design Commission

iPhone interface design is über-cool at the moment, as is hand sketching your UI mockups, and this little tool lets you tick both those boxes at the same time. Everything is scaled up by about a third to make it easier to work with and includes a variety of generic iPhone UI elements including media controls, browser widgets, buttons, sliders and more.

Even if you don’t happen to be commonly designing for iPhone, I could see this item looking pretty tasty next to a brushed aluminum MacBook as a piece of quality desk ephemera. And don’t we all need more of that?

Cheers Wendy for the heads-up.

  • Chris

    If you are designing for the iPhone, why wouldn’t a designer not just use the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library that has all the iPhone components pre-made in digital format? It would save the designer a ton of time and speed up the workflow.

  • m4tty

    whats the particular purpose of this? to ease the devolopment process or help orienting these interface elements?

  • rav

    well as a designer you MUST (i dont know how to stress this more) sketch by hand first, if you dont then you are probably taking 3 times longer to design than you should. so having the elements as stencils really saves time and makes your sketches a bit closer to reality.

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