Typography, Color Palettes, Retro Effects, and More

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Finding the Right Font: Exploring 11 Typography Types

Consider typography to be the backbone of the brand. Everything else, including color, imagery, and layout adds to the overall design to create a unique message, but it all starts with a strong concept and solid typography. Here are 11 categories of fonts, and the overall tone that each represents.

Using Your Images to Create Color Palettes in Photoshop

There are several ways to create your own color palettes, but one popular method is to sample colors from the design’s primary image and build your palette from the color values within it. Creating a color palette for your design doesn’t have to be guesswork; it can be easily done if you take some simple steps and use a few tools that are available to you.

Create a Retro Effect in Photoshop

We have all seen those vintage photographs where the color is a little off. Retro coloration was such a common occurrence in vintage photographs that the look reminds most people of 70s photography. With a few Photoshop effects, however, you can achieve a convincing vintage look with any type of imagery.

Create an Amazing Diary Vector in Photoshop

Using its basic tools and layer styling capabilities, Photoshop can be used to create photo-​​realistic vectors. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a diary vector in Adobe Photoshop using an easy step-​​by-​​step approach. You will also learn to create shadow, a pencil icon, a stitched effect, and a folded paper effect.

Featured Reader: Alex Cornell of Firespotter Labs

After studying at Duke University and The Academy of Art in San Francisco, Alex joined Google Voice co-​​founder Craig Walker to found Firespotter Labs, a Google Venture that recently released the mobile apps Nosh and Jotly. Alex’s portfolio offers a variety of projects, including imagery, video, and interactive multimedia.

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