By Andrew Neitlich

Two Intellectual Property Attorneys answer your questions about copyrights and IP

By Andrew Neitlich

Many Sitepoint readers ask in Forums about rules governing intellectual property, copyright, and related issues. Today we are lucky to have two guest bloggers from the law firm Epstein, Becker & Green (http://www.ebglaw.com) to address those questions.

Tom Rosenbloom is a partner in the corporate group of Epstein, Becker & Green, working with middle market, emerging growth, early-stage and start-up companies in mergers & acquisitions, private equity, venture capital and private financings, and general day-to-day corporate matters. John Garvey is also a partner, practicing in the Corporate and Intellectual Property Departments. His practice focuses on creating and enforcing intellectual property rights for clients, and the capitalization of emerging technology companies.

Here is what they have to write about the subject

  • Unit7285

    Excellent article – lots to think about there and very clearly explained. Thanks!

    Time to read through my standard contract again – a bit more carefully this time – and make a few changes…

  • John Garvey

    Thanks for the kind remarks. My final words of advice are to use plain English when making the revisions. A well-written agreement should be clear to anyone who reads it.

  • Nancy

    Say blog A has a sentence for its title, like “Men are dogs.” Blog B uses that same sentence in a paragraph describing men like Blog A. Is Blog B stealing intellectual propert and will they have to pay a royalty?

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