Twist and Fade Command for Flash MX 2004

By sgrosvenor

I’ve created another interesting command, this time with a twist (literally). Some of you may be familiar with the Twist and Fade Command that shipped with Fireworks MX and Fireworks MX 2004, and this one does similar things only in Flash MX 2004.

Download Twist and Fade for Flash MX 2004 >>

Download Twist and Fade for Flash MX 2004 Sample FLAs>>

The best way to get something from the command, is to follow these steps

-Create a new Flash document

-Drag onto the stage some MC’s that you wish to apply the effect to

-Select ‘Commands > Twist and Fade (Flash)

-Play with the settings, and click ‘OK’

NOTE: For more interesting effects, try arranging your MC’s in a geometrical pattern!

An interactive tutorial on how the Fireworks MX / MX 2004 command works can be found at Macromedia which may give you some pointers on how to use the command.

I’m working on a SWF Panel over the weekend, to give it a more ‘touchy-feely’ experience, so I’ll keep you posted

Here are a few examples of what was achieved with a 4 instances of a simple circle shape converted to an MC

And Another…

Getting Stranger…

  • sgrosvenor

    NOTE: The reason I mention to create a new Flash document is that the command will attempt to ‘Twist and Fade’ every MC instance on the stage; I’ll get around to fixing that this evening.

  • Thirteenva

    I could not get this to work in Flash MX 2004 on Mac OS X. Anyone else have that issue?

    I installed the extension and i also downloaded and tried the sample fla’s.

  • sgrosvenor

    Did the extension install correctly, or was there a problem applying the command?

  • Thirteenva

    When applying the command I get the following error:

    “At line 29 of the file “Twist and Fade (Flash)”:
    setSelectedLayers: Argument number 1 is invalid.”

    Am i using the command incorrectly?

  • sgrosvenor

    Send me a screengrab of your timeline and stage to steveg-at-phireworx-dot-com, and I’ll try to iron it out :-)

  • missweblash

    Why can’t people write their own Flash code? Are we getting too lazy to learn and too dependent on components?

  • no, its not laziness, its called time saving. :D

  • steve

    hi there.. i get the same error as Thirteenva “line 29 setslected layers arguement 1 is invald..’


  • Anonymous


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