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Tweet Your Flickr Pics with Flex

By Andrew Tetlaw

Adobe Flash Platform logoTry saying “Tweet Your Flickr Pics with Flex” 10 times fast! Andrew Muller’s Flex-based Twitter app is really taking shape. In his previous article, Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part I: The Basics, Andrew laid the groundwork for his Flex app for sharing media on Twitter using Adobe Flash Builder 4. This tutorial is Part 2, where he shows how to enhance the app by adding an image uploader.

Without giving all the good stuff away I can tell you that it’s a step-by-step tutorial, the uploaded images are stored on Flickr, and it uses the url-shortening service to reduce the urls for the tweets. Very neat!

As always we have a short quiz (sponsored by Adobe) at the end of the article so you can test your knowledge. Then keep an eye out for the final in this tutorial series, Part 3, where Andrew adds even more functionality to this little Flex app.

It’s all fun, games, and education at the SitePoint house, so go read the article and take the quiz. And if you want to know more about Flex and the Flash platform, check out the other articles we’ve published recently.

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