Try Ruby!

By Lucas Chan

Keen to give this Ruby thing a go, but don’t have the time/resources/know-how to set up a test environment?

There’s a spanky little interactive Ruby tutorial you can try. All you need is your web browser and a spare 15 minutes.

A great way to get acquainted with the Ruby language and interpreter.

  • baron.pampa

    yeah, right. No 3 minutes to download an installer and click twice with a mouse on it.

  • Matthew Magain

    I played about with this a while ago but only the first 4 chapters of the tutorial were complete. Good to see he has finished it off!

    @baron.pampa: It’s not just an online command prompt, it’s a tutorial. Pffth.

  • jizzypop

    It looks like it might be cool but it keeps getting stuck for me. Anybody else have this problem?

  • sharma chelluri

    I have the same problem..
    It looks like it might be cool but it keeps getting stuck for me. Anybody else have this problem?

  • krdr

    I’m on dsl. It is OK. and this is very good way to represnt new tech concepts etc… Why didn’t I came first on this idea?!

  • krdr

    It so cool, in deed. Someone said Spectrum? C64?

  • jpatterson

    This is such a good way to introduce someone to a language! They should do it for PHP and stuff too! Very ingenious!

  • creole

    I concur. This is a wonderful idea!

  • Clenard

    I remember this from a long time ago. Like JPatterson said: someone should do this for PHP! I can’t believe Ruby has better training materials than PHP already. Videos on their site, lots of clear docs and now this? The PHP community should wake up…

  • krdr

    Ruby have different thinking flow than php, so, we used on a ol’ way of thinking… In the box, or we just didn’t have time to think on some other way. This looking a bit childish, but is very fun! Real ruby way!

  • peach

    Wow good stuff. I don’t really like programming but that was neat and really easy too :)

  • xor

    Wow, very cool! An excellent first tutorial, what a quick and easy way to learn things. I’m very much a hands-on learner, and this is just perfect. Way to go Why!

  • wildscribe

    Wow! Such a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. I have always wanted to try Ruby, but I figured I already knew enough about PHP and Perl to keep me busy. But after playing with the tutorial, I am thinking about doing a site in Ruby. I love the concept of not having to end every line with a semicolon. Thanks so much!!!

  • Ghandi

    @Clenard Not justifing other programming groups lack of tutorials and stuff, but the reason that Ruby on Rails is so popular is that they have been playing the marketing game. Ruby would not be anywhere close to as popular as it is now if it wasn’t for Ruby on Rails and their marketing techniques.

    Everyone has their favorites. Everyone should have a look at Python as well. There is some really neat stuff out there and lots of resources. Python people do not seem much for flash bang, but are more interested in solving problems.

  • creole


    Also, from what I’ve read, Ruby has been around longer than PHP. According to the Ruby website, it was invented in Japan in the early 90s. PHP was invented in the late 90s.

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ghandi

    You are correct. Work began on February 24, 1993 to be precise.
    Python was created in 1990.

  • Clenard

    Yes, I agree. With a long background of Marketing – I guess this is what turns me on to Ruby, although I’ve been involved with PHP since 2002. I just found PHP hard to learn for someone that only has so much time to learn on a weekly basis. I’m not saying it’s hard – but it’s just not EASY for someone who just started. There’s lots of books out there that just don’t cut it. You even have to do RESEARCH before you LEARN the language lol… how odd is that?

    Yeah, I actually meant RoR. My bad! I always knew that Ruby itself was created in the early 90’s – actually 1990, right? -edit- just seen the correction from Ghandi, thanks!) But as for RoR – it makes using Ruby MUCH easier.

    I actually like Pythons new framework (Gears? is that right? haha I can’t remember the name) and how they used Video Tutorials as well. Sure, PHP has alot of Videos on the web – but not for free and not from Good, Solid programmers. It’s usually from a pretty good programmer teaching you basics about the language… nothing more. Sure, Ruby does too – but it’s coming directly from the Community, not VTC, or any other “Training” company who hires cheap, throws them in fleet.

    Anyways, thanks for the comments. :)

  • peter_n

    Great way of presenting tutorial. Frameworks like these are definitely the way of the future. Django is a fairly robust Python implementation of this sort of thing too.

  • F_A_H_D

    i have a dedicated server
    my clients asks me to support RUBY for them also Ruby on Rails frame work
    my Q come here
    what is ruby requirements ??
    do the clients need ssh access ???
    is this language working like php “php iles working in server side” or it must wurn with shell access
    much of thnx

  • F_A_H_D

    i installed ruby successfully in my server
    i need any script to test it !!

  • hazal


    i try to use ” interactive ruby tutorial ” but after 4-5 pages in array section my keyboard do not press [ ] therefore i cuold not continue to online tutorial.

    my comp. is notebook : asus a6 vm , ie7

    pls help me :

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