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Train for a Career in White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing

By SitePoint Offers

Train for a career in white hat hacking and penetration testing for $19

Job security, a $120,000, and an in-demand title that big companies want on their team. That’s what you have to look forward to as a white hat hacker and penetration tester—and our five-course Complete White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing course will help you get there. Pick it up for $19, a savings of 97%.

This bundle will teach you how to think like a hacker to identify vulnerabilities in a company’s networks, apps, and more. You’ll pick up other in-demand skill, too, like setting up and maintaining a virtual system, controlling remote servers, and hosting your own sites using Linux. The five courses total 16 hours of training and 110+ lectures will transform your resume and turn you into a penetration testing master.

Jumpstart your penetration testing and white hat hacking career. Get this bundle for just $19 at SitePoint Shop.

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