Tracking Web Copyright Infringement

By Blane Warrene
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Rob Kasunic, principal legal advisor to the US Copyright Office was very generous in giving some time (http://www.sitepoint.com/article/interview-copyright-internet) to me to discuss how copyright is evolving in the online atmosphere.

Especially in view of the Internet, managing our originally authored content — regardless of its digital medium (code, data, graphics/photos, music, etc.) — can be time-consuming and perhaps an endless battle.

One tool in beta right now aims to assist at least those with web sites in tracking potential infringement. Copyscape (http://www.copyscape.com/), developed by Indigo Stream Technologies, scours the web for other sites using your content or quoting your web site(s).

The very simple interface requires just a URL to your original content and runs a query. The technical architecture leverages the Google web API’s. Copyscape makers write that while in beta it is optimized for english language use, it should work with other languages.

  • Rafael Venegas

    And if you catch the infringer, what you do? Take him to court? That it what I did, after 700 songs were literally stolen (even registered) and the judge was on the thieve’s side. We must end the false advise given to the naive like I was.
    Rafel Venegas

  • http://www.whoisdeep.com Deep13

    awesome info..
    I gonna need it a lot i suppose..

    thanks a lot for sharing it..

  • http://www.mcgwebdevelopment.com/ mginop

    Excellent resource! However, it was kind of like getting kicked in the gut finding other websites are copying entire pages word-for-word from my site.

    Any advice on stopping this infringement once it is found?

  • http://www.practicalapplications.net bwarrene

    The first step is contacting the infringing web site with a cease and desist. Second would be legal action. As I am not an attorney – I would not be comfortable opining on a legal issue. This is probably the single most unfortunate element of copyright and the online world – kind of like the wild west right now…

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  • Anonymous

    copyright cannot be controlled all internet users want to steal everything except few.

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