Tracking Web Copyright Infringement

By Blane Warrene

Rob Kasunic, principal legal advisor to the US Copyright Office was very generous in giving some time ( to me to discuss how copyright is evolving in the online atmosphere.

Especially in view of the Internet, managing our originally authored content — regardless of its digital medium (code, data, graphics/photos, music, etc.) — can be time-consuming and perhaps an endless battle.

One tool in beta right now aims to assist at least those with web sites in tracking potential infringement. Copyscape (, developed by Indigo Stream Technologies, scours the web for other sites using your content or quoting your web site(s).

The very simple interface requires just a URL to your original content and runs a query. The technical architecture leverages the Google web API’s. Copyscape makers write that while in beta it is optimized for english language use, it should work with other languages.

  • Rafael Venegas

    And if you catch the infringer, what you do? Take him to court? That it what I did, after 700 songs were literally stolen (even registered) and the judge was on the thieve’s side. We must end the false advise given to the naive like I was.
    Rafel Venegas

  • awesome info..
    I gonna need it a lot i suppose..

    thanks a lot for sharing it..

  • Excellent resource! However, it was kind of like getting kicked in the gut finding other websites are copying entire pages word-for-word from my site.

    Any advice on stopping this infringement once it is found?

  • The first step is contacting the infringing web site with a cease and desist. Second would be legal action. As I am not an attorney – I would not be comfortable opining on a legal issue. This is probably the single most unfortunate element of copyright and the online world – kind of like the wild west right now…

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  • Anonymous

    copyright cannot be controlled all internet users want to steal everything except few.

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