By Alyssa Gregory

The Top 30 New Year’s Resolutions for Business

By Alyssa Gregory

2010In general, I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I highly recommend turning many of your resolutions into goals that you can focus on during the entire year. Goal setting is much more focused, deliberate and success-driven, and that’s why I find it more effective (see the links to a series I wrote on goal setting at the end of this post).

But, having said that, resolutions do have their place. While I consider goals to be measurable accomplishments that are frequently complex and made up of many different mini-goals, resolutions are simpler, behavior-driven activities that typically do not require advanced planning. Resolutions are almost mantra-like, in that they are meant to give you motivation and encouragement as you work at bettering yourself.

For example, a business goal may be to increase profit by 5%, and includes a number of actions from attending more networking events, asking for client referrals, and launching a new marketing campaign. A resolution may be something as simple as: I will respond to all client emails. See the difference?

So in that vein, here are 30 of the top business resolutions you can make for 2010.

  1. I will be more focused.
  2. I will stop procrastinating.
  3. I will listen more (and better).
  4. I will be willing to get out of my comfort zone.
  5. I will do better with managing my business finances.
  6. I will work to be more productive.
  7. I will not let email rule my day.
  8. I will work harder.
  9. I will work smarter.
  10. I will work less.
  11. I will work more.
  12. I will communicate better.
  13. I will keep an open mind.
  14. I will get to know my clients.
  15. I will embrace social media.
  16. I will start a business blog.
  17. I will think positively.
  18. I will hold myself accountable.
  19. I will back up my data.
  20. I will try new marketing activities.
  21. I will stop shying away from networking events.
  22. I will remember why I love what I do.
  23. I will get out of the office.
  24. I will provide better customer service.
  25. I will follow through.
  26. I will keep my desk clean.
  27. I will make a plan.
  28. I will give back.
  29. I will learn something new.
  30. I will keep it all in perspective.

While these resolutions are meant to give you focus and motivate you for the New Year, they are too simplified to include measures for your success. But you can create goals out of any of these resolutions that truly resonate with you. It’s simply about staying focused and excited about all you’re able to achieve.

Do you make resolutions for your business? What tops your list for 2010?

Goal-Setting Series:

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  • Most important is having a Weekly/Daily Plan with built-in targets. At the start of each week I enter in my diary details of what I am going to do and achieve each and every day. SEO is about performing tasks on a regular basis to achieve top ranking results.

    An item I would add to your list is:
    I will not let Twitter dominate my life!

    Good post, many thanks,
    NB: Have RT’d your tweet.

  • These are all really great items that I need to put on my list. My #1 resolution for the new year, is that I will work in smaller chunks. Taking on too many, or too big of projects can do more harm then good. I saw this in 2009, and 2010 will be a big change in that.

    2010 = LESS IS MORE

    GOD Bless, and Merry CHRISTmas

  • John.greatwall

    I will remember why I love what I do

  • Eric_HE

    I will hold myself accountable.

  • I will not let twitter dominate my life!

  • clearnew

    Awesome advice Alyssa! I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions either and that’s likely because I’ve never kept one! I must admit, I never considered the “goal vs. resolution” idea though. That makes a ton of sense to me.

    David: love the emphasis on CHRISTmas there my friend! :)

  • Eric_HE

    1more .i will work more!

  • Jenny Feng @ MarketeersClub.com

    As year-end approaches, everyone is “attempting” to resolute. Most common resolutions are weight loss or fitness, or it’s drinking or smoking less. New Year’s resolution has become a cliché; inconsequential and forgotten before you raise your next glass.

    As managers, we are good at setting short-term and long-term business objectives, but when it comes to personal goals, we tend short-change ourselves. Personal goals are equally important, and as with professional goals, we have a better chance of reaching our goals if we are specific and realistic in what we would like to achieve. It is also essential to document our personal goals and grant ourselves at least one “stretch” (aka more ambitious) goal.

    This year, I have a 3-prong resolution/goals for 2010 – in family, self and work. Hopefully by sharing it, I become more accountable to myself.

    In Family

    As a wife, I would like to 1) nag 50% less, 2) allow my hubby to keep 1 of his habits that drives me absolutely nuts and be at peace with it, and 3) change 1 thing about me that annoys him most.

    . . . I’m sure many of you can relate to this!

    As a mother, I want to 1) eliminate all of my foul language in front of my 18-month old son. I don’t do nearly as much as most others – but when it comes to raising a proper child, even one’s too many, and 2) communicate more in Chinese with my son so he grows up bilingual.

    In Self

    I want/NEED to start exercising again at least once a week (stretch goal would entail at least twice a week). I will work on perfecting my French macrons and make really good Belgium waffles (generally incorporate baking as part of my culinary competency). I also want to read more books (not just articles in print and on the net) and write more.

    In Work

    I want to be a good mentor to our interns and support them in their career aspirations (just like others have done for me). I want to take the time to talk to more people instead of staring at the computer most days. I want to get to know my customers like I know my close friends so I can help them improve their work/life balance.

    Would you like to share your New Year’s resolution?

    Good Luck & Happy 2010!

    Jenny Feng


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