By Sam Deering

Top 10 Popular jQuery Plugins

By Sam Deering

Here is the top 10 popular jQuery Plugins that we think you should check out! We have sourced the list from the officially rated plugins on the official jQuery website (link at bottom of page).

#: Name: Author: Download: Demo:
1 Jcrop Image Cropping Plugin khallman Download Page Demo
2 JNotify (JQuery Notification Engine) FabioFranzini Download Page Demo
3 Windows 7 UI & Windows Aero SOYOS Online Solutions Download Page Demo
4 jQuery Google Charts maxbnet Download Page Demo
5 Twitter Trackbacks Widget Mike_More Download Page Demo
6 JQuery sound plugin Download Page Demo
7 SPAM Protection Using PHP and jQuery johnboy Download Page Demo
8 mColorPicker Meta100 Download Page Demo
9 jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin xiaohouzi79 Download Page Demo
10 Image preloader Idered Download Page Demo

jQuery Popular Plugin List


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