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Tim Bray on PHP

By Harry Fuecks



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Tim Bray kicked off a big blog debate on the pros and cons of PHP (see links in his post to everyone who commented). If you’ve been around PHP for a while, there’s basically nothing new here but you might find cause for optimism in how things are being said – there’s far more informed discussion happening than you might have found even two years ago.

Haven’t got anything interesting to add accept perhaps a question. Responding to Tim, a number of people made statements to the effect of “PHP is too easy. It’s all those non-programmers that are the problem!”. So we should make PHP harder to keep the non-programmers out ?!? To me there’s something deeply wrong in that thinking.

Harry Fuecks is the Engineering Project Lead at Tamedia and formerly the Head of Engineering at Squirro. He is a data-driven facilitator, leader, coach and specializes in line management, hiring software engineers, analytics, mobile, and marketing. Harry also enjoys writing and you can read his articles on SitePoint and Medium.

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