Thunderbird and Podcasting

The upcoming Thunderbird 1.1 release will add several new or improved features – most prominently Podcasting.

Named somewhat after the Apple iPod, whose users initiated the method, content creators of all stripes from hobbyists to corporations can use RSS to enable their audience to get audio-based broadcasts of content and listen to it on iPods and other MP3 players.

I have already been using this feature as a listener on my iPod Shuffle, including to review recordings of a radio show I participate in from time to time on digital media and technology. This will be even more convenient to use Thunderbird for email, RSS and now these audio feeds.

This has been particularly nice considering my increased travel schedule – now able to maximize my time spent on numerous long flights catching up on several broadcasts available as podcasts.

Obviously this feature is of value both as an end user and a web professional. As Mozilla’s user base expands by adding value and security – more of your own users, customers and their users can benefit from it.

Some sites that track podcasts: – (these broadcasts are not ranked by topic, personal or business levels – so investigate before nabbing them)