Three Case Studies: Are you a superstar?

Andrew Neitlich

Last blog asked if you are a flake. This blog presents the other side of the coin. Here are 3 case studies of superstar web designers I am working with, and lessons learned from them:

1. Arthur is a superstar because he has defined a niche talent for himself: He knows more about designing to get customers to convert to paid subscribers than almost anyone else out there. His career focus has been on sites that attract and convert subscribers. So he knows all about which types of offers and page flows work best, and he can also bring a clean sense of results-driven design to the process.

2. Jim creates web designs and overall marketing collateral/design for emerging technology companies. He is gifted at creating a unique look and feel for a company, so that it stands out to investors, partners and potential clients alike. His standards are high, and he refuses to let anything go out unless it meets the look and feel he wants the company to have. So he takes a leadership role in representing and standing for the company’s overall brand.

3. Catherine moves from home to home, housesitting. She has an extremely low overhead situation as a result. Her niche is creating quick, affordable designs for people and organizations — not necessarily leading edge (like Jim in #2), but with clean, clear layouts and speed. I use her often as part of an outsourced design team, allowing me to quickly flex up with capacity for clients. I’ve never met her as she could be anywhere at any time, and we correspond via email and PayPal. But she is the best there is in terms of faster, cheaper and competent.


1. Get a clearly defined niche. Don’t be all things to all people. Arthur focuses on conversion for subscription programs. Jim brands emerging technology companies. Catherine is fast, affordable, responsive, and very competent — the perfect outsourced design resource.

2. Be the best at your niche.

3. Get visible and known for being the best at what you do. The above three have become known in their circles for what they do. For them, it is easy, because they can clearly describe their talent/niche.