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This Week In The Cloud

Toby Tremayne

A roundup of some of this week’s cloud news;

Virtustream Acquires Enomaly

Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider Virtustream has announced that their acquisition of Enomaly is complete. The purchase brings Enomaly’s “cloud exchange, federation and public cloud capabilities” into their product line.

Chief of Corporate Development of Virtustream Inc. Bill McNamara said during the announcement that “With our acquisition of Enomaly, Virtustream continues to shape the cloud industry for the enterprise client.”, and certainly Enomaly’s Software toolkit brings them a major step closer to being an industry leader in enterprise cloud computing.

Brightbox To Offer IaaS Windows Server 2008

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service provider BrightBox has published a blog post announcing the availability of Windows Server 2008 R2 images for BrightBox customers as part of an “Any OS, any app, any time” ambition.

While the BrightBox service has always supported running windows images, users previously had to work some tricky configuration to achieve workable performance. The new images simplify this greatly and also deal with licensing overhead, making IaaS Windows on BrightBox a much more appealing option.

Google Reportedly Near Launching Cloud Storage Service

A number of sources around the net are reporting rumours of a not too distant future release of Google’s anticipated cloud storage service. With the meteoric rise of consumer services like DropBox, which has drawn more than 45 million members who traffic more than a billion files every few days, Google has seemed to be on the back foot competing with a number of lightning startups. Google+ still lags well behind Facebook’s level of adoption, but the “G Drive” as it is known internally may provide a missing link to unify many of Google’s services and make them much more valuable.

World’s First Cloud Escrow Service Launched

NCC Group, a leader in IT Escrow services has signed an agreement with the UK Cloud Alliance, providing Software, Data and Code coverage for mid-tier cloud consumers.

The existence of this high level partnership is an important step to removing one of the lingering barriers to entry to the cloud for many CTOs – namely the business continuity risk of relying on a third party solution.

“Our aim is to work with organisations to develop robust escrow protection solutions that protect the long-term availability of their business critical software and the investments they have made in the Cloud,” said Pete Stock, managing director at NCC Group.

Yahoo Releases C.O.R.E. Data Vizualization

Yahoo has released its Yahoo! C.O.R.E. Data Vizualization Tool, showing some brilliant glimpses into the use of Big Data at the search giant.

The tool is build upon the Hadoop framework (to which Yahoo! has contributed a great deal in development), and lets users store and process terabytes of unstructured data from web browsing analytics.