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This Mind-Mapping Software Is a Game-Changer

By SitePoint Offers

This mind-mapping software is a game-changer

Your brain doesn’t work like a to-do list. So get the mind-mapping app that understands you. Scrapple is just $8.99 at SitePoint Shop.

You don’t have to know your main idea. You don’t need a plan. Just use Scapple to jot down ideas however they come to you, from a single word to a whole paragraph. You’ll have the option to link connected thoughts together, add ideas, delete them, combine them…you get it. Scapple works the way your mind does, which makes it totally intuitive to use.

Get Scapple for just $8.99 at SitePoint Shop.

Bonus Deal: Writers, you won’t know how you lived without Scrivener 2. The award-winning app—from the makers of Scapple—makes note-taking, outlining, researching, and first drafts easier…and it’s just $22.50 at SitePoint Shop.

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