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I just signed up with, a web-based backup solution. The process meets almost every criteria I can think of for a positive web-based ecommerce service:

– First, I heard about the service from a respected colleague, so I was already predisposed to buy.

– The home page is simple yet glorious. In a single sentence it tells you what the service does and how much it costs. It also offers a free trial — one where they don’t even ask for your credit card. It even offers “unlimited” backups at a low price. I love home pages like this one.

– If you want more info, it is easy to click any of the links to learn more. They have audio clips, animated tutorials, and text.

– The whole thing is simple and focused on a compelling value proposition — save your files for only $5 per month.

– My experience so far has been excellent. It was easy to get started and the system is doing what it said it would do. There were no download issues. Everything was easy.

I hope you are designed websites that convey what your clients (or you) offer in the same simple, elegant, powerful way as this one! And I hope your clients can deliver on what their website promises.

If you can, you will be unbeatable as a web designer. You will be able to help companies convey their products and services in simple terms, and convert prospects to buyers — and maybe also be sure that their products/services deliver in a simple and powerful way. You’ll be more than “just” a web designer, but someone who plays a key role in marketing, product development, and strategy. Or, if you focus on taking what the company has and helping them convert visitors to buyers with an irresistable web site, you’ll be way beyond most!

(Note: I have no stake in this company whatsoever. The above review is based on no conflict of interest or desire to promote this service).

If you have a site to share that isn’t your own, where there is no conflict of interest, and that you KNOW converts visitors to buyers, please share your favorite and why you think it excels in generating sales. BUT DO NOT USE THIS TO PROMOTE ANYTHING OF YOUR OWN OR YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY/COLLEAGUES.

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