By Andrew Neitlich

This author’s approach to sales calls

By Andrew Neitlich

Thanks for great input and posts on the recent blog about how not to do a sales call. Since someone asked, here is how I do a sales call:

1. I pick a few companies that I want to do work for.

2. I take a look at their marketing materials and pick them apart.


3. I call the decision maker after hours and hope to get voice mail. I leave a voice mail saying that I’ve reviewed their marketing materials and have 3 specific and simple ways for them to get better response. I follow up with an email.

4. They respond, and we go back and forth.

5. Typically, they send me a marketing document in progress. I improve it.

6. They tell me about bigger marketing issues, and hire me.

You can apply the above steps to web design. Notice:

– Small list, not a big list

– Focused effort and research to help them improve their SPECIFIC situation

– Custom, tailored call

Also, those of you who have heard me speak know that I have a nasal voice and nasty Boston accent (sometimes). So I don’t come across as a slick salesperson, just a regular guy with some decent ideas. That helps!

How’s that work for you?

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