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Think like a Hacker and Protect Yourself with White Hat Security

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Think like a hacker and protect yourself with the White Hat Security Hacker bundle

The penetration testing and white hat hacking industry is growing every day, with companies small and large looking to hire experts who can protect them from hacking attempts. Learn how to do it—and how to launch your security career—with the $49 White Hat Security Hacker bundle at SitePoint Shop.

This six-course bundle will give you hands-on experience identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux systems, hardware, WordPress blogs, and more. You’ll learn how to use the Linux command line and how to create networks that block unauthorized access. You’ll even get training on web scraping, you can easily get data off of sites like Yelp and create leads list for your sales team from data available online.

Jump into a new, in-demand career. Get the White Hat Security Hacker bundle at SitePoint Shop for $49.

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