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Think Before Asking for a Retweet

By Brandon Eley

The other day I tweeted about a presentation I’m giving next week, offering a coupon code to my followers. One user replied that they couldn’t make it to my presentation, but asked if I could retweet their conference event for them.

I took a quick look at their Twitter profile, and not only were they not even following me, they never even mentioned my event.

They wanted me to retweet their content and tell my followers about their event, but they didn’t even bother retweeting me first.

If they retweeted or mentioned my speaking engagement, I would have happily retweeted their conference. I don’t even take issue with the fact that they weren’t following me, or that they asked for a retweet.

But the least they could have done was retweet my post before asking.

Needless to say, I didn’t mention their event. Lesson to be learned: There is nothing wrong with asking someone to help you promote something, but first ask yourself how you can provide value to them.

Can you retweet something of theirs? Review their book? Send them a referral?

Remember, networking is a two way street.

Brandon Eley is the Interactive Director for Kelsey Advertising & Design and the co-author of Online Marketing Inside Out.

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