By Rachael Wilson

The Winner of our Latest Adobe CS4 and Flex Builder 3 Pro Giveaway is…

By Rachael Wilson

We were amazed with the amount of entries in our latest Adobe sponsored competition; it was a very cool prize on offer and and while we secretly wanted to keep the prize for ourselves, we have gone to the extent of using the Random Number Generator to selected the winner.

And the winner is…

Drum roll please…

Tom Bryan!

Tom is a 27 year old web developer and studying designer for a manufacturing company in the UK. He creates web sites and print materials to promote the business which includes brochures and posters. He also creates web sites on a freelance basis and had this to say about his prize and SitePoint:

“Wow!! Thanks so much!!! I’m hoping with the CS4 software, my workflow will be increased and I can become more efficient. As well as getting to play with all the new features as well.

What I love about SitePoint, most of all is the community. The forum is packed full of people ready to help out with even the most trivial of issues and in a friendly way. The SitePoint books have also proved to be invaluable to me.”

Congratulations Tom, and thank you to Adobe for donating the prize for this quiz.

If you missed out, don’t worry… there may be future opportunities to win other great prizes so keep an eye out for them here.

By the way, if you’re interested in furthering your AIR skills, you can still read the article and to see how you perform.

  • disappointed

    i think that u choose ur friend or related person, coz how to your know he career? very disappointed with sitepoint !

  • fiberus

    Congrats, use it right, even I was a participant, I’m glad for any winner as long as the cpompany loses :)

  • Congrats Tom! Enjoy!

  • @disappointed Um, well the reason we know a bit about Tom is because we emailed him before making this announcement, and he told us.

    Thanks for having faith in our ability to do the right thing. Any more questions?

  • Genjutsushi

    Thanks very much.

    If anyone else is doubting the legitimacy of the competition, I’ll gladly forward on a copy of my email answering some questions I was asked when I was informed that I won.


  • SG

    Congratulations, Tom.
    ignore the sore losers…
    Enjoy your CS4, mate!

  • ruinai

    Congrats! I participated as well. Goodluck to me next time, ne?

  • Congrats Tom… What a cool prize!

    PS – @dissapointed…
    That’s hilarious, the whole mock anger and stuff. For a second I thought you were being serious but of course you were kidding because it just makes sense that SitePoint would notify the winner before posting an announcement, right? Right…

  • Burn me a copy? :P


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