The Winner of our Awesome Adobe Software Giveaway is …

By Rachael Wilson

We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries in our latest Adobe sponsored competition; it was a very cool prize on offer and and while we secretly wanted to keep the prize for ourselves, we have gone to the extent of using the Random Number Generator to selected the winner. Oh and if it’s not you, keep reading for details on your next chance to win this awesome software bundle…

And the winner is…

Drum roll please…

Timothy Kautz!

Timothy is a 27 year old Flash/Web Developer from California USA. He has been contacted and had this to say about his prize and SitePoint:

“This is awesome!

It will be great to take advantage of the full Adobe Creative suite. Looking forward to the new version of Illustrator and FireWorks in combo with Flex 3 so that I can play with FXG.

Any website that gives tutorials to the masses and prizes, like SitePoint, is definitely pretty cool and worth frequenting. I’ve been to the site for helpful info throughout the ages.”

Congratulations Timothy, and thank you to Adobe for donating the prize for this quiz.

If you missed out, don’t worry… the good news is there will be one more opportunity to win yourself a copy of Adobe CS4 and Flex Builder 3 Pro very soon, but shhh, you didn’t hear that from me. All I can suggest is that you watch very very carefully in approximately 3 weeks time.

By the way, if you’re interested in furthering your Flex skills, you can still read the article and take the quiz to see how you perform.

  • Scott

    I took the test and you had a compile question and what you said was the correct answer was miss-spelled and I got it wrong. I don’t have faith in your quiz process.

  • Hi Scott. You’re right, there was a minor typo that was corrected soon after we launched the quiz. However your score had no influence over your chances of winning the prize—it was merely to test your understanding of the content. The winner was selected at random from the list of all participants.

  • Congratulations, Timothy! :D

  • I’m pissed, I visit this site everyday and I didn’t see this cointest listed anywhere. :(

  • everpress

    Congrats to the winner!
    And to Hiveon, I NEVER visit this site, I just saw the contest on twitter.
    Now I visit this site pretty often… Well, often for a 4 or 5 day period, but you gotta start somewhere.

  • Hi Hiveon. As Rachael mentioned, there will be another giveaway coming up soon. We did promote it via the blogs and the front page of our forums, plus the quiz was mentioned at the start of our most recent article and lived in the feature spot for a couple of days, so we certainly weren’t trying to hide it! :-)

  • Yaheed

    Get on the Twitter feed :)

  • hiddenpearls

    i say Congrats to Timothy Kautz!

  • Looking forward to seeing a link to your first project published in the new software suite!

  • Remember if you didn’t win you can get Flex Builder 3 for free if you are going to college and Adobe Web Premium is only $350.

  • molona

    Well, Timothy… I can tell you that I envy you :D. Congratulations and enjoy it!

  • Congratulations, Timothy! Enjoy your new software. And well done too to SitePoint for a great website…

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