28 May – 3 June: Another CFML engine goes open source

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Strictly, this falls outside the 28 May – 3 June timeframe for this weekly roundup, but it’s news too big to hold off on: Railo, the alternative CFML engine, is going open source. Hat tips to Kai “Agent K” Koenig, currently kicking his heels up at Scotch on the Rocks in Edinburgh, and also to AJ Mercer who has been dropping hints on the CFUGWA mailing list all afternoon.

According to reports from Scotch, Railo 3.1 running on JBoss wlll be released sometime around October on JBoss.org, under the LGPL license. Although coming only a couple of months after the Open BlueDragon announcement, this move is generating a lot of excitement. No doubt the coming weeks will see a lot of blog commentry – once again, it’s an exciting time to be a ColdFusion developer.

Right, back to our regular programme!


News flash! ColdFusion Jedi Master makes a mistake! That’s right, Raymond Camden has posted about a “bonehead” custom tag mistake that had him scratching his head for quite a while – showing us that he IS actually human after all, and not just a coding machine. The machine did do some other helpful posts this week, however, including Be careful with returnFormat and JSON and Changing the size of a footer in CFDOCUMENT.

Conferences and Community

Not only is it conference season, it also seems to be the season for long philosophical discussions (which some may call rants) on a vaiety of topics relating to ColdFusion:

Whew – get through all that? Here’s some lighter weight material on the conference and community front:

Open Source

In Summary

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll be posting from the WebDU conference in Sydney – looking forward to that one! If you have any tips, email kay at smoljak dot com, tag your links in del.icio.us as for:kay.smoljak, leave a comment here or give me a yoo-hoo in person at WebDU.

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