The Week in ColdFusion: 26 March-1st April: No fooling here

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On BlueDragon Open Source: Vince Bonfanti, President of New Atlanta, has announced that BlueDragon Open Source will be unveiled at the cf.Objective() conference in May. Vince also speaks his mind on the latest instalment of the ColdFusion Weekly podcast, and is interviewed by Dan Wilson in this dzone article.

From the Adobe camp:

Brian Rinaldi talks to Peter Bell in his CFUnited interview series. Peter will be presenting three sessions at the CFUnited conference, on CFCs, code generation, and OO. Brian’s Open Source Update also had lots of interesting announcements  on the frameworks front (ColdBox, FarCry, Mach-ii and Transfer related).

Code and techniques, short and sweet:

And finally, my new most favourite tag: CFGRID. Anuj Gakhar shows how to change the CFGRID pageSize attribute dynamically, and Dan Vega shares a nifty select element trick for editable grids.

Got a link for me? Think I should be covering other stuff? Leave a comment, drop me a line (kay AT smoljak DOT com) or tag your links in with for:kay.smoljak. Until next week…

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