The Week in ColdFusion: 23-29 Jan: Putting CF developers on the map

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Want to know where all the ColdFusion developers are? CFMaps is a Yahoo! Maps mashup that allows ColdFusion developers to place themselves on the map, color-coded according to their level of experience. Right now, most registrations are in North America – so if you’re a CF guy or gal, why not add yourself to the map? There’s definitely a lot more of us than are currently registered – and I know for a fact there’s more than one ColdFusion developer in New Zealand!

Registration has opened for the WebManiacs conference, to be held in Washington DC in May. Speakers include ColdFusion Jedi Master Raymond Camden, Dave Watts, Doug Hughes, Jochem van Dieten and Joe Rinehart amongst many, many others. The CFUnited conference – also held in Washington DC, but in June – continues their podcast series with an interview with Kevin Roche on the Fusebox framework. So how about a conference that’s not in the US and not in DC? Scotch on the Rocks will be held in June in Edinburgh, and tickets are now available.

Also on podcasts, The Digital Media Dude interviewed CF guru Ben Forta as part of the “Meet the Experts” podcast series. Ben covers his background, why ColdFusion over PSP, ASP.NET, or JSP, and the upcoming version 9 (“Centaur”).

Raymond Camden announced this week that RIAForge, the open source project site for the Adobe family of products, has reached a milestone of 400 hosted projects. RIAForge includes projects based around every Adobe technology, from Flex and AIR to Illustrator and Photoshop, although by far the most projects are ColdFusion-related (currently 296). After seeing that number, I decided to do a comparison with other open source project hosting sites – and found 60 ColdFusion projects on Google Code and 95 on SourceForge. That’s a lot of code! Brian Rinaldi keeps track of open source releases, updates and announcements with his Open Source Updates.

Finally for this week, a bit of code: Steve Nelson has been busy getting himself addicted to Google. He has written post series on authenticating in order to use the Google spreadsheet and calendar APIs which is currently up to four parts. By the sounds of it, the Google API can be a touch difficult, but Steve has done the hard work for us.

Did I miss anything that you think is important? Hear any other great news related to CF this week? Leave a comment!

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