The Week in ColdFusion: 23-29 April: sharpen your skills

Kay Smoljak


Because that’s just the kind of guy he is, Charlie Arehart keeps a massive list of tools and resource of interest to ColdFusion developers – over 700 resources in over 100 categories. This week Charlie highlights the categories in his mammoth link collection. Come back when you’re through all that!

Subscribers to MXNA, the RSS feed aggregator for Adobe-related technologies, may have noticed that the site has been down quite a bit lately. Mike Chambers, one of the originators of the project, has posted an update to his blog on what is happening with MXNA. Looks like it will be back sometime soon.

In the only BlueDragon news I saw this week, the final instalment of the BlueDragon Open Source interview series – with Andy Wu – was released. That wraps up the introductions to the steering committee – they’re a smart and well-qualified bunch of people for sure.

Ben Forta has blogged his response to an enquiry from a ColdFusion developer from the CF3-CF5 era, who was wondering what he needed to learn to get up to speed with the current state of ColdFusion. Ben’s advice is interesting and applies equally well to any developer looking to improve their skills.


Simon Horwith clears up what is a thorny area for many developers with CFLOCK Explained. It’s a long article, with code samples, and Simon does a really good job in covering the intricacies of locking. One for the bookmarks! Also in the “more advanced” category, Charlie Arehart revisits the topic of CF/Java integration – a powerful but often overlooked aspect of ColdFusion.

The Transfer ORM project has reached the very exciting milestone of 1.0 Release Candidate. A recorded Adobe Connect session by author Mark Mandel on an Introduction to Transfer is now available – but Mark advises that it’s the same presentation he will be giving at the cf.Objective() conference, so if you’re planning to get along to that you might not want to watch. And Paul Marcotte has posted a Transfer ORM Quickstart article, for those who don’t have the patience to watch the presentation.

Short but handy:

Regular updates

Brian Rinaldi’s Open Source Update this week highlights two new releases – a library for the Google AdWords API and CFANT, a deployment tool from Doug Hughes – and seven project updates.

My ColdFusion-Talk Mailing List Roundup for this week covers search-engine friendly URLs, screen scraping, database indexes, application scoped variable overhead, database structure diagrams, and browser redirect and refresh methods.

So that’s all, folks. Leave a comment or send me an email – kay at smoljak dot com – with your tips or suggestions.