The Week in ColdFusion: 20-26 Feb: it’s a little AIRy around here

The RSS tubes were clogged this week with news of the 1.0 release of Adobe AIR, the desktop client for rich internet applications, and Flex 3. It’s exciting news for sure, but I probably didn’t need to read about it 40-50 times over! Fortunately, I managed to find some ColdFusion news out there too…

Before I get to that though, it’s worth noting that with all the fuss and focus on AIR and Flex, some developers have voiced concern yet again over Adobe’s commitment to the ColdFusion language. Jared Rypka-Hauer got a chance to quiz Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe, on that very topic, and was pleasantly surprised with the candour of the responses he received.

Want to know why Adobe evangelist Adam Lehman likes ColdFusion? Check out his “30onAIR” spots – then check out some of the others being showcased on the 30onAIR web site. If you feel moved to contribute your own 30 second video on why you love ColdFusion (or Flex, or AIR, or anything Adobe-related really), just post it on YouTube and tag it with “30onAIR” – and if all goes smoothly, it should appear on the site. Adobe have been sending little USB cameras out to user groups, so expect to see more creativity from the trenches in the coming weeks.

Hat tip to Tony, who left a comment last week: ColdBox 2.5.2 has been released, and the project has a new web site to boot. ColdBox is another MVC framework, although it looks like it includes some reusable components as standard and the documentation seems to be very advanced for an open source project. Is anyone using ColdBox who would like to let me know how it differs from other frameworks?

Ever needed to rotate a PDF? The CFPDF tag built into CF8 does not support that functionality, but it is possible to access the underlying iText Java libraries which do include PDF rotatation. Yet another great example of how ColdFusion developers can benefit from a smattering of Java knowledge – even if it is someone else’s knowledge!

ColdFusion Jedi master Ray Camden has posted a very simple overview of how to write applications for the Facebook platform. While lots of resources on that topic are already available, Ray has put a specific ColdFusion slant on his post that CF developers will no doubt find useful.

Development on the FarCry framework/CMS marches on, and in an effort to make developers’ lives easier, Daemon have released custom dictionaries for CFEclipse which provide tag insight and hinting as you type. As an added bonus, the team have implemented a system which will keep the dictionaries automatically updated with changes to the FarCry core. Clever!

Leave a comment – are you excited about AIR? Or sick to death of hearing about it? Did something else happen this week you think I should cover?