The Web’s $100 Million Secret Economy

Matthew Magain

February Marketplace StatsIn a market that’s set to top $100 million in 2008, the SitePoint Marketplace has been independently ranked the #1 source for buying and selling web real estate.

Jon Wheatley has begun producing monthly stats on the average prices of sites sold on some of the more active online marketplaces:

I had a script developed that crawls the content of some of the most active website marketplaces and grabs the sale price of each web property sold. I then took that information and created some average figures.

Wheatley compared web site marketplaces in terms of their average listing prices and overall dollar volumes, with the SitePoint Marketplace ranking 900% higher than its closest competitor.

The analysis showed that had a total of $3,911,992 worth of listings between 495 individual auctions during the month of February, with an average listing price of $7903 per auction, compared to $805.73 for the next closest competitor. In fact, the SitePoint Marketplace’s listing prices totalled $3.9 million for February alone – more than all the other competitors combined.

If you haven’t started dabbling in online real estate, there’s never been a better time to do some reading and get your toes wet.