The Web Site Flipping World Championships

Why should Olympic athletes have all the fun?

If you’re a regular in our marketplace then you’ll want to keep an eye on this competition — the World Championships of Web Site Flipping are happening (a first for the site flipping industry, I believe), proudly sponsored by SitePoint.

Check out all of the contenders that have been spotlighted on the site — nothing really in there to suggest the talents of these flipping warriors, but fun if only to put some real faces to names in the site flipping industry.


There are a stack of prizes on offer — up to $20,000 worth, and that includes a copy of SitePoint’s Web Site Revenue Maximizer kit.

Watch the SiteFlipAcademy blog for more details as they come.

I’m a bit late reporting this, as the date for registering to compete has passed.Chaunna from SiteFlipAcademy informs me that it’s not too late to register and be involved. “You have until July 12th to flip like crazy and the score cards (that you’ll receive in the contender kit) need to be submitted by the 16th.” So if you’re interested in getting involved, get flipping!