By Myles Eftos

The Rails Myths

By Myles Eftos

We have all seem the arguments about how Rails doesn’t scale, it’s hard to deploy or that it will explode in your hands at any given moment. For those of us that use Rails on a daily basis, we know that just like any other language or framework, Ruby and Rails have they own nuances, but on the whole much of this is based on FUD. David Heinemeier-Hansson — the creator or Rails — has written 5 myth busting articles to put the record straight.

So next time you are being attacked by a PHP or Java programmer at the pub, politely point out that they are wrong!

  • roosevelt

    It’s the only post that convinced me to learn RoR :).

    Thank You.

  • AnandC

    I’m a huge fan of the Rails framework, it is truly well organized and a joy to work with, but Rails is still pretty slow compared to most PHP MVC frameworks. I’m running Rails using Passenger, which in my experience has been a huge plus from mongrel, but still not as fast as my MVC PHP apps (we use Zend and CodeIgniter). From my experience, you will definitely loose some of the productivity gains in extra time spent performance tuning. Then again that may not be a bad thing since it kind of forces you to think about optimization from the start.

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