The BuildMobile Muster

Ad-Supported Myth Busted

In the wild, Mika Mobile are disproving the myth and making money with Battleheart on Android. They blame Rovio and Angry Birds for perpetuating the ad-supported money myth, and claim revenues are near 80% of the equivalent Battleheart on iOS.

Latest ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Back at base, the ADT Plugin for Eclipse updates to 11.0.0, including most of the updates to the Visual Layout Editor promised at Google I/O, and Visual Refactoring got some love and XML Editing has better code completion. Also Tim Bray introduces R. Jason Sams Introducing Renderscript.

NY Post disables iPad Web Access

Dave Winer reports that the New York Post turns off web access for iPad, but not for Android Tablets. Maybe that answers the question Why Should Somebody Buy This Instead of an iPad. But Consumers Don’t Want Tablets, They Want iPads.

Nokia’s new MeeGoo Offering

Enter MeeGo on the Nokia N9. Beautiful design and an impressive hands on demo. Luke Mathias is intrigued by the idea of Nokia betting everything on this OS instead of focussing on Windows Phone 7. I am intrigued by Luke Mathias, because people love to hate WP7.

Comprehensive WP7 Review.

Luke likes Windows Phone 7. His comprehensive review casts synchronising, home screen design, hardware buttons, live tiles, notifications, app design, the hub concept, keyboards, and hardware in a positive light. And answers the question about why you don’t see ’em.

Cross-Platform or Native?

Furthering the conversation about web and native app development, Craig Villamor calls web apps out on being Pretenders. Appcelerator promote Titanium cross platform development and slap a free-and-open-source sticker on it. Tony Lukasavage throws a savage look on the reality.

RIM Avoid Email on Their Tablets

In the stores, allegedly WP7 gets poor promotion as the sales guys are all pointing at the iPhone and Android. The Verizon iPhone Halted Android’s Surge. iPhone 5 Could Reverse It. RIM are promoting their phones by avoiding email on their tablets.

Make Awesome Web

Well played everyone. Especially well played to the HTML5 Boilerplate Template, HTML5 Reset, Veggie Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum, oCanvas, jCanvas, OMG TEXT!, Humans.txt, Mother Effing Text Shadow, Normalize.css, EZ CSS, Now.js, Lettering.js, Boombox.js, Speakker, Amplify, Isotope and Soap-on-a-Rope for Making Awesome Web. All refreshingly free labours of love. Prizes for the first in the comments to call out which one I made up.