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The BuildMobile Muster

By Paul Bridgestock



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Rife speculation regarding Apple’s purchase of the domain. The LA Times suggests cloud music to rival Google and Amazon. MG Siegler suggests a much broader cloud media service.

Next week is WWDC week, which will answer the iCloud question. Expect coverage of Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 and deep Twitter integration, but don’t expect new hardware.

Great stage presence and showmanship, don’t miss Asus’ Padfone Unveiling. Great strides forward with Android, the question is whether this will be Gingerbread or an Ice Cream Sandwich.

Microsoft have been Previewing ‘Windows 8’ and demonstrating at the D9 conference. The interesting aspects are the claims it will work on small screens and large, with touch and without.

Chris Clark spends a Nexus S Month. Chris is smart, concedes his iOS preferences upfront, stays honest and has some good notes on Android. He also works for Square.

The legendary Joe Hewitt released Scrollability that ‘gives your mobile web apps a pretty darn good approximation of native scrolling’. Check out the script and examples at GitHub.

HTML5 & CSS3 ‘For the Real World’ is awesome, and it is out in the wild. You can ask for a free sample chapter, courtesy of SitePoint.

Russ Weakley and Nick Randolph rocked REMIX11 this week. Russ’ CSS3 slides are on SlideShare and Nick’s Windows Phone Developer Workshops are, like us, to be continued.

Paul will suggest that it’s all about HTML5 & CSS3 to anybody who stands still for long enough, though he will defer to talking about building for mobile in the context of iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Paul offers all manner of web development services out of 3Easy Web Org and is the Editor in Chief of

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