The 5-for-1 Sale Has Been Extended By 7 Days!

By Shayne Tilley
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By popular demand, our five-for-one PDF ebook sale has been extended to run until the 8th of October. If you’ve yet to grab your 5 books, you now have a few extra days to get in on the sale!

To make things even easier for you, we’ve introduced a handy book selection tool to help you pick the perfect 5 books, plus we’ve updated the selection to include a couple of our older titles that a few of you told us you just had to have.

This is a one-off extension, so don’t miss your chance to grab around $150 worth of books for just $29.95!

5-4-1 button

Note: Our support team are frantically responding to everyone who has contacted us about the sale. Everyone will get a response, but please just be a little patient with us over the next few days.

  • kansasfiddler

    I got mine yesterday and its great! If you are a developer looking for a quick design education get Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird. I can’t put it down. It doesn’t go into so much detail that you’re thinking ‘I’ll never need to know that.’ He uses a sample client and walks through each step of his design process explaining each step and fleshing out the knowledge you’ll need to accomplish that step. A smorgasbord of eye candy awaits you in the hyperlinks he provides to well designed and design sites! i discovered my most favorite ever website while reading this book!

  • http://www.sitepoint.com ShayneTilley

    Agree — it’s a great book and a must read.

  • Nick

    Absolutely amazing deal :o

  • cjldragon

    8th September is 343 days not 7 – Grabbed mine already, didn’t need the extra time making up my mind.

  • FrodoB

    Is anyone else having problems getting the 5 books to come up at $29.95? It comes up as $29.95 each (plus a free 6th book) for me when I click through the sale link.

  • Anon

    The post should say 8th of October, not September.

    And yes, something is wrong with the cart’s price. I have a feeling that sitepoint is having trouble with their shopping cart. That, or someone forgot to reinstate the sale! (The latter would be most embarrassing.)

  • Anonymous

    I have had problems as well.
    I hope this gets fixed. I would hate to miss out on such a great deal.

  • ewall

    The sale link is not working for me either… They all show as $29.95 each. And the page says the sale ended yesterday, (Wednesday 30th Sept.) when the announcement is from today. Sad.

  • michael

    Same problem. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  • roguewavemedia

    Please someone fix the cart. Great sale but can not order

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know when this will be fixed?

  • Anonymous

    I just discovered this special deal. I would buy it if the special price worked. Let us know when the link gets fixed.

  • d3web

    Ok. I’m glad I’m not the only one having troubles ordering. $29.95 is an awesome deal for all those books in PDF. But $149.75 is turning me off a little bit.

  • VWeb

    I am glad the offer has been extended because somehow I missed the original offer. So I hope this gets fix soon so I can order. This is an awesome deal.

  • scottatdrake

    Dang, it’s coming up at $149.75 for me too. Hope I remember to come back and try again later.

  • Jeff

    If the offer is really available until Oct 8 then please update the shopping cart to reflect this. Thanks.

  • MrBrewski

    does anyone know if they are fixing it yet??

  • keith

    Do you think it changes the cost after you checkout? I can’t tell but don’t want a 150 dollar charge to explain at work. Can someone from sitepoint reply to this thread?

  • TheWickedFlea

    I suppose that the decision to extend the sale was made late at night, because it says 10:28PM for the first comment about trouble. At the time of this post it will be 4:25AM in Australia, or so.

    I’d expect the problem to be known in another four hours or so, and maybe fixed by five or so hours from now.

  • Julio Reguero

    October 1st, 3:40 PM in Florida, USA and the shopping cart is not working properly since it is still showing the total price of $149.75. Hope this get fix soon.

  • UnF_SarahC

    I am having the same problem with the shopping cart. I hope this is resolved soon so I dont miss out on this great deal!

  • Mike

    I bought mine, expecting the discount to show up at the end, but I was charged the full price. I hope Sitepoint figures out what is going on and corrects this problem and issues prompt refunds. Where is customer service?

  • graedus_dave

    It seems to be fixed, I just ordered 5 for $29.95

  • http://www.sitepoint.com ShayneTilley

    Hi All,

    The hiccup with shopping cart has been resolved. Anyone who’s been waiting for it to get fixed enjoy. Anyone who accidentally paid the full price, you’ll be receiving a prompt refund.

    Warm regards,


  • Malakai

    I purchased. Good books, Superb offer, thanks.

  • http://www.magain.com/ Matthew Magain

    Oh, and we fixed the incorrect date in the post—thanks to all who pointed it out!

  • RobertDS

    9:06 PM PDT, USA, Site broken. Orders for books total at 2X to 3.5 X 29.95 depending upon selections made.

    I won’t order then wait for a refund. I’ll wait until they get it fixed.

    Maybe my name does not appear above because I am a newly registered poster but I would not mind my name being posted.

  • Mike

    I had purchased the 5 for 1 and downloaded those. Then turned around and bought another 5 for 1 but the download never showed the second batch I bought. I emailed support and someone named Sarah fixed it for me. I’m loading all 10 books on my kindle. Sweet….

  • tpk

    Created Paypal account and have to wait for 2 days to order PDF files. Hope I could do that before 8th. Its great if they could extend few more days for the people who have not bought. cheers

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