The 5-for-1 Sale Has Been Extended By 7 Days!

By Shayne Tilley
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By popular demand, our five-for-one PDF ebook sale has been extended to run until the 8th of October. If you’ve yet to grab your 5 books, you now have a few extra days to get in on the sale!

To make things even easier for you, we’ve introduced a handy book selection tool to help you pick the perfect 5 books, plus we’ve updated the selection to include a couple of our older titles that a few of you told us you just had to have.

This is a one-off extension, so don’t miss your chance to grab around $150 worth of books for just $29.95!

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Note: Our support team are frantically responding to everyone who has contacted us about the sale. Everyone will get a response, but please just be a little patient with us over the next few days.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • kansasfiddler

    I got mine yesterday and its great! If you are a developer looking for a quick design education get Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird. I can’t put it down. It doesn’t go into so much detail that you’re thinking ‘I’ll never need to know that.’ He uses a sample client and walks through each step of his design process explaining each step and fleshing out the knowledge you’ll need to accomplish that step. A smorgasbord of eye candy awaits you in the hyperlinks he provides to well designed and design sites! i discovered my most favorite ever website while reading this book!

  • Agree — it’s a great book and a must read.

  • Nick

    Absolutely amazing deal :o

  • cjldragon

    8th September is 343 days not 7 – Grabbed mine already, didn’t need the extra time making up my mind.

  • FrodoB

    Is anyone else having problems getting the 5 books to come up at $29.95? It comes up as $29.95 each (plus a free 6th book) for me when I click through the sale link.

  • Anon

    The post should say 8th of October, not September.

    And yes, something is wrong with the cart’s price. I have a feeling that sitepoint is having trouble with their shopping cart. That, or someone forgot to reinstate the sale! (The latter would be most embarrassing.)

  • Anonymous

    I have had problems as well.
    I hope this gets fixed. I would hate to miss out on such a great deal.

  • ewall

    The sale link is not working for me either… They all show as $29.95 each. And the page says the sale ended yesterday, (Wednesday 30th Sept.) when the announcement is from today. Sad.

  • michael

    Same problem. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  • roguewavemedia

    Please someone fix the cart. Great sale but can not order

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know when this will be fixed?

  • Anonymous

    I just discovered this special deal. I would buy it if the special price worked. Let us know when the link gets fixed.

  • d3web

    Ok. I’m glad I’m not the only one having troubles ordering. $29.95 is an awesome deal for all those books in PDF. But $149.75 is turning me off a little bit.

  • VWeb

    I am glad the offer has been extended because somehow I missed the original offer. So I hope this gets fix soon so I can order. This is an awesome deal.

  • scottatdrake

    Dang, it’s coming up at $149.75 for me too. Hope I remember to come back and try again later.

  • Jeff

    If the offer is really available until Oct 8 then please update the shopping cart to reflect this. Thanks.

  • MrBrewski

    does anyone know if they are fixing it yet??

  • keith

    Do you think it changes the cost after you checkout? I can’t tell but don’t want a 150 dollar charge to explain at work. Can someone from sitepoint reply to this thread?

  • TheWickedFlea

    I suppose that the decision to extend the sale was made late at night, because it says 10:28PM for the first comment about trouble. At the time of this post it will be 4:25AM in Australia, or so.

    I’d expect the problem to be known in another four hours or so, and maybe fixed by five or so hours from now.

  • Julio Reguero

    October 1st, 3:40 PM in Florida, USA and the shopping cart is not working properly since it is still showing the total price of $149.75. Hope this get fix soon.

  • UnF_SarahC

    I am having the same problem with the shopping cart. I hope this is resolved soon so I dont miss out on this great deal!

  • Mike

    I bought mine, expecting the discount to show up at the end, but I was charged the full price. I hope Sitepoint figures out what is going on and corrects this problem and issues prompt refunds. Where is customer service?

  • graedus_dave

    It seems to be fixed, I just ordered 5 for $29.95

  • Hi All,

    The hiccup with shopping cart has been resolved. Anyone who’s been waiting for it to get fixed enjoy. Anyone who accidentally paid the full price, you’ll be receiving a prompt refund.

    Warm regards,


  • Malakai

    I purchased. Good books, Superb offer, thanks.

  • Oh, and we fixed the incorrect date in the post—thanks to all who pointed it out!

  • RobertDS

    9:06 PM PDT, USA, Site broken. Orders for books total at 2X to 3.5 X 29.95 depending upon selections made.

    I won’t order then wait for a refund. I’ll wait until they get it fixed.

    Maybe my name does not appear above because I am a newly registered poster but I would not mind my name being posted.

  • Mike

    I had purchased the 5 for 1 and downloaded those. Then turned around and bought another 5 for 1 but the download never showed the second batch I bought. I emailed support and someone named Sarah fixed it for me. I’m loading all 10 books on my kindle. Sweet….

  • tpk

    Created Paypal account and have to wait for 2 days to order PDF files. Hope I could do that before 8th. Its great if they could extend few more days for the people who have not bought. cheers