By Andrew Neitlich

Thanksgiving Message and 40th Birthday Greeting

By Andrew Neitlich

Well, another year has passed and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is here this week. In my opinion, Thanksgiving is absolutely the greatest holiday on the planet. Plus I turn 40 on Friday.

So it is an excellent time once again to give thanks.

This year, let’s keep it simple.

Life has 3 components: what you have, what you do, and who you are. Having, doing, being.

I’m grateful for all three, and hope in your life you are, too.

I have a great family, good health, and lots of good stuff. More stuff than 99% of the people in the world.

I’m doing just about everything I love to do.

And I am happy, satisfied, and generally at peace.

Not much to complain about, and also lots to look forward to: more travels, more great clients, more business ventures, more great times with my children. And thanks to Sitepoint and its readers for your continued support.

Of course, the above list — having, doing, being — is backwards. Most important, as any spiritual path will tell you, is “being.” If you have the right state of mind and of being, doing and having typically follow.

I wish you a great Thanksgiving and sincerely hope that you are grateful for all that you have in your life.


  • MarkB

    Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, of course ;) But I agree with your post! Enjoy your turkey!

  • Well said my friend. Cheers!

  • Tvienti

    Happy Thanksgiving =) Thanks to Sitepoint, yourself, and other contributors who bring insightful tidbits to us throughout the week.

  • Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday! It’s the big one – at least you are truly thankful for everything you have. It’s amazing how many people are just oblivious to everything they have in life.

    You’ve accomplished a lot before your 40th birthday. So, are the retirement plans coming anytime soon?? ;)

  • Thanksgiving was on Oct. 10th, just ask Matt Mickiewicz and Kevin Yank. :-)

  • Happy birthday, especially — I’m turning 38 tomorrow.

  • anon

    What you have, what you do, and who you are? How sad.

    Sounds like you need to read some Dalai Lama books.

  • aneitlich


    I have read some Dalai Lama books. Instead of being a negative, cynical, and arrogant sniper on this blog, please advise your version of “the secret to life.” Then perhaps we can have a constructive dialogue and come closer as human beings, which is certainly in the spirit of the Dalai Lama’s teachings.

  • linkin99

    “What you have, what you do, and who you are?”

    I hoe those aren’t in order of priority.

  • aneitlich


    Did you miss this passage:

    Of course, the above list—having, doing, being— is backwards. Most important, as any spiritual path will tell you, is “being.” If you have the right state of mind and of being, doing and having typically follow.

  • Happy Birthday Andrew, may your next 40 yours be as fulfilling as your first!

  • dekadem

    Thanks Andrew, I loved your message. Thank you for inspiring me to do having-doing-being check for myself. Gongrats for your birthday!

    (I wonder why we don’t have thanksgiving holiday here in Northern Europe?)

  • Eric V

    Thanks Andrew. On a personal note, your contributions to this blog have had a significant impact on my thinking and way of life. I’m grateful for that!
    I agree that the most important aspect to life is your spirituality. Money, clients, and earthly happiness can all be gone in an instant. Remember the true meaning of life and be thankful for that.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and continued success!

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