By Andrew Neitlich

Thanks and goodbye to all!

By Andrew Neitlich

After over two years writing this blog at Sitepoint, it is time to move on.

First, I think I’ve covered most of what I can say in blog format in past entries. It is time for some “new blood” to provide new ideas for you.

Second, my own professional practice is evolving, and I’m focused on some new product/service ideas and target markets. So I need to invest my time accordingly.


I want to thank all of you and especially the great people at Sitepoint for this wonderful opportunity. It has been a true pleasure, and Sitepoint is a fantastic organization!

Finally, here is the bottom line:

1. Make business development a priority. Less qualified/talented people who market do better financially than more qualified/talented people who don’t.

2. Develop a powerful, compelling marketing message that attracts prospects to come to you.

3. Focus your marketing on a target market.

4. Get visible in low cost, high impact ways, preferably by educating your marketplace about the problems they face and how to solve them.

5. Think big. We have one go-round in life as far as we know, so don’t waste it on small thinking.

6. Do what you love, and if you can find a way to get well-paid for it, you are doubly blessed.

Peace, health, and happiness.

  • Goodbye man! It’s been a good 2 years.
    Hopefully you will have an adequate successor.

    Thanks for all the time you have invested.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Andrew, it’s been a pleasure reading all your tips. I really hope your replacer is as good as you are. Good luck with your next goals in life.

    Greetings from tiny Belgium,

  • Web888

    Thank You for Your efforts!

  • Sorccu

    Good luck and thank you. In addition to the extremely valuable advice you’ve given over the years you were the only SitePoint blogger who actually posted regularly on the “daily” blogs.

    Sad day for SitePointers :(

  • Thanks for providing timely, informative posts – you’ve been a part of my daily reading cycle and I’m sorry to see it end. Perhaps you’ll do some guest appearances here and there in the future, or perhaps some articles…

  • ASJ

    Good luck to you and your business. You’ve given us a lot of valuable information to work with and I thank you.

  • Your blog entries were always high quality and thought provoking. I’ll miss the insight you’ve given me day in and day out.

  • I have to say,I’m going to miss your blog. Good luck with your business, I hope you have learned a thing or two from us too.

    And thanks for the final gems.

    You will be missed!

  • pdxi


    Thank you for absolutely everything that you have done for us. I know I have learned a lot, and I’m positive that everyone else here has as well.

    Do you have any mailing lists that people can subscribe to? I’d like to keep track of what you’re doing.

    Best regards,

  • WoW_15

    I’ve always enjoyed and gotten much out of your posts. You’ll definitely be missed.

    All the best!

  • aneitlich


    You can keep abreast of what I’m doing via my site, which has an email newsletter you can subscribe to: http://www.market-based-on-trust.com.


  • Thanks Andrew… I have subscribed to your own e-newsletter and blog feed so I can keep in touch!

    You are a straight-shooting, straightforward voice that is not arrogant, and most of all supportive.

    Good luck with your future ventures!


  • nico7799

    Thanks for everything Andrew!

  • Doug

    Thanks for the many great posts.

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    Your articles were the most informative, insightful and important of all Sitepoint blogs. You’ll be sorely missed.

  • EagleEyesDesign

    Thanks and good luck! Maybe you can check in yearly or something like that! – Christina

  • Kailash Badu

    You will indeed be missed.

  • j8cruz

    You will be missed. Thank you so much!

    Perhaps once in a while you will be able to write an article for SitePoint’s devoted readers…


  • Good luck with your endeavour. I am sure you will be missed by Sitepoint community!

  • Good luck Andrew! Thanks for your articles, it’s been a wonderful reading.

  • elviejo

    Thank you a lot I’ve been a fan of you writing fro two year
    and previously in ItProSuccess…

    Where are you going? will you keep writing?

  • History shows that you will never have a successor. This blog will die as SitePoint fails to find someone to manage their dying blogs.

  • Greg

    Thanks for all of the helpful advice. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with this blog.

  • Really, really sad to see you go. Can’t begin to tell you how much your posts (and your non-SitePoint materials) have benefited me. You will be greatly missed.

  • Good luck

  • Thanks Andrew. We won’t disable your login, you’re welcome to come back and post whenever you want at sitepoint.com.

  • Thank you for your tips, guidance, advice and inspiration. You have helped me put myself in a position that I never truly believed I could be.

  • I can’t thank you enough for your posts over the last couple of years. You’ve helped me immensely and I wish you all the best in both your personal and business endeavours. Good luck!

  • Divine

    Hope to see you here, again. Don’t be too proud to repost something even-tho you said good bye.

    Good luck and lots of prosperity!


  • Jason Batten

    Peace, health, and happiness too you too.

    Thanks for your time and advice.

  • As many SitePoint readers, I’ve learned many things reading your blog and thank you for that. Good luck with your new ventures.


  • robokev

    Does this mean you won’t be doing the SitePoint Tribune any more?

    I have to add my comments to the rest in this thread. I have benefited enormously from the thoughts you’ve shared on SitePoint. Sorry (for me) to hear you are moving on, but I certainly wish you all the very best.


  • wildscribe

    Thanks for all the advise the encouragement. You have helped me a great deal. I owe you a more than couple beers :-) Good luck with your business.

    – – – WiLd

  • babyboy808

    Your’s was the only real blog I visited…

    Goodbye Man and All the Best.

  • Does this mean you won’t be doing the SitePoint Tribune any more?

    @Kev: Brendon Sinclair has been writing the Tribune for at least 3 years (and is continuing to do so) — not Andrew.

  • gala

    lost for words

  • rushy2uk

    Thanks for all your wisdom!

  • Mark van Kampen

    Thank you and good bye!

  • There’s been so many great things talked about in this blog! Sad to see you go, thanks for all the words of wisdom.

  • aneitlich

    Thanks for all the kind words! It means a lot.

    Stay in touch as I am not hard to find.


  • bcr

    Sad to see you go, Andrew. All the best in the future.

  • Pity you leave. You gave me many new insights.
    Thanks for all advise and I wish you all the best!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Andrew,

    I just loved all your input here and learned a lot from you.


  • John

    Thanks Andrew!

    Everyone has said it really.
    Thanks for your many insights!

    Take care

    — John from New Zealand

  • Hi Andrew,

    I will really miss your advise mate. It has really helped me become better at my work. Now I am a web publisher and not a web designer/developer any more because of you. Thank you. If ever you are in Kenya or hearabouts gimme a call and one tusker lager is on me.

    kibara in Kenya

  • Tison

    You have inspired, taught, and assisted me so much over my subscription within just the past few months. Truly sad to see it end. Thank you for all of your writings, and great spirit.
    Best of luck,

  • dev_cw

    It has been great, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Best of luck.

  • Andrew,

    I will miss your blog soooooooooooo much. It helped me get through that difficult time of getting things started!

    I will never forget youre advices and they deffinetly improved my marketings skills. I’ll keep reading your articles on your website!

    Good luck!!!


  • Anonymously

    Wow… It’s been almost a year since I’ve look at sitepoint and always though of you as a fixture to sitepoint — you’ve had a lot of great advice and I can only hope that you’re on to big and pretty things!

    Cheers, Anonymously

  • Nitin Jadhav

    I have just started reading your articuls

  • Provocalist

    I’m sure everyone will agree that one day all your posts should be collated into some kind of book.

    this book should then become required reading.
    for everyone in the world ever

    Nice on Andrew, signing up to your newsletter now.


  • Poornendulal

    I am bothered about marketing my website, and your three points were very much impressive for a newcommer like me.

    Thank you for your esteemed efforts.

    Business Solution and Services

  • Asmat Zehra


    Thanks for sharing your experince.

    Best of luck

    Asmat Zehra
    Internet Marketing Consultant

  • Andrew,

    Enjoyed reading your posts and thanks for all the great tips and advise. Will help me a lot while I make the transition into small business.

    Will you all the luck with your new ventures.


  • Andrew,

    Enjoyed reading your posts and thanks for all the great tips and advise. Will help me a lot while I make the transition into small business.

    Wish you all the luck with your new ventures.


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