By Corrie Haffly

Textured Backgrounds

By Corrie Haffly

A design trend among a lot of blog-type sites is what I’ll call the “textured background.” Here are a few examples that I grabbed from CSS Zen Garden:

You get the idea!

Some common characteristics:

1. The background repeats seamlessly.

2. The colors used in the background are usually of the same hue, just with different values (lightness/darkness) for a subtle effect that doesn’t distract your eye.

3. The main color of the background is usually also the main “base” color of the rest of the site design.

I like this design technique as it is a subtle and easy way to give a bit more personality to a web site. Plus it’s fast-loading.

  • Thirteenva

    I also like this for certain sites. I’ve typically made my own backgrounds for this purpose but wonder if there is a place where one can acquire these patterns freely.

  • Jonathan Snook

    Thirteenva: has a pattern section on their site with a slew of em. It might be hard to find but there’s a button in one of the boxes that says pixlpatterns (or something like that)

  • For patterns a really good designer I know gave me this link:

    I got some good stuff from here, but again making your own backgrounds pixel by pixel turns out better in the end.

  • The patterns at Kaliber1000 can be found at

  • Patterned backgrounds is a fantastic way to add a ‘warming’ dimension. The CSS Zen Garden examples are very good. Zen Garden is also one of the best web sites on separation of content and style. Very nice!

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