By Miles Burke

Testimonials that Really Work

By Miles Burke

In my recent article, 5 Reasons Prospects Don’t Like Your Website, I mentioned how important client testimonials can be. Well, one of the comments really drew my eye.

See, one of our readers, George from Darklit Web Design and SEO, has a great testimonials page – we’re not talking those old boring text testimonials either. We’re talking video testimonials. George explains how easy and cost-effective this can be in his comment, where he states “Windows movie maker, a digital camera, and a little planning is all it takes.”

George’s comment reminds me of a client of mine, who runs an employment agency for travellers visiting Western Australia. For many travellers, they haven’t ever been to that part of the world, let alone worked on a large remote farm, or worked as a laborer in a vineyard, so this client needs testimonials that not only give great reviews of their service, but also of the casual employment they’ve gained.


What this client does is travels to their workplace, and films them telling the camera why their business and the job they’ve landed, is great. This not only reaffirms why travellers should use this client, but also gives them a valuable insight into the work that can’t be done in text form. Simple yet very effective!

Thanks for sharing your idea, George. I appreciate it.

The next time you ask a client to provide a testimonial, consider asking if you could record it on video instead – the difference can be very effective.

  • Thanks Miles for the tips. Sounds interesting.

  • Thanks for the mention! I feel so special!

    If I may throw in one more piece of advice … if you use video testimonials (and you should) make sure the text in them is proofread before publishing. From the swarm of traffic I got from this mention, one visitor kindly notified me of a typo. I’m not going to tell you where **blushing with embarrassment**.

    Nothing can ruin a professional image like an easily preventable error. And by “a little planning” I mean a script, an appointment, and be prepared to spend some time. You wont get it on the first take!

    Thanks again Miles! Hope this adds value to the post :)

  • I use Magix as a video editor. It’s not expensive and does tons more than Windows Movie Maker which is a very amateur and limited tool.

  • Interesting suggestion on testimonials. I’m always trying to get my clients to have testimonials and this is a great concept. Thanks to George too for the idea!
    And your are correct George. Always have someone proof your text. That is one annoying thing with me when I see websites that have typos.

  • I’m also a strong believer of authentic video testimonials. They don’t have to be produced perfectly, they just have to come over real. Just by using a webcam, companies can source these videos easily from their community.

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