Terra Alert

Put this one in the ‘not strictly web design, but cool enough to warrant thinking up some kind of lame link ‘ category.

If you’re a little over the clean and clinic look of a lot of CSS design and looking for some 3D textural inspiration for your next design, give this a shot (Is there an official tag for ‘tentative link’? ;) ).

Terra-Gen is an open-source application described as a ‘photo-realistic scenery rendering application’ and if you’ve ever spent any time with Bryce will feel right at home.


Wave your mouse and draw majestic mountain ranges from the mantle. Tap a key or two and summon forth the oceans. It’s free (there’s some feature-limiting), runs on any reasonable computer (Mac version available too) and is easy to get designing on in minutes.

And hey, even if you can’t work it into a project, at the very least it’s a nice way to indulge your God complex over your next coffee.