Ten Awesome Google+ Business Pages

By Miles Burke

Since we’re on the topic of Google+ here is some inspiration for you.

It may only have been a week since the launch of Google+ pages, but that hasn’t stopped some early adopter brands doing clever work with the platform. Here’s your chance to get some inspiration before setting up your own business page.

Toyota has used the profile images at the top of their page to great advantage.

Drink brand, Pepsi didn’t take long to get their Google+ page in order too.

Disney’s The Muppets even held a hangout for fans last week.

Save the Children UK shows that even not for profits can embrace Google+.

Google’s own Google+ Pages team has a great page (and so they should!).

British major broadcaster, the BBC, have a Google+ page for BBC News.

Those amongst you into space (who isn’t), you’ll be excited to know that NASA have a presence here too.

In a great example of Google using their own products, even their mail application, Gmail has a presence.

It didn’t take long before search competitor, Yahoo! jumped on board Google+.

Global brand Virgin have good interaction on their page.

Whilst there isn’t much creativity in the designs between these, this is a result of the tight parameters that Google is letting people control. The difference will be in how brands actually interact with their fans, particularly over the first few months.

What would you add to this list?

  • http://www.geeksonthebeach.ca Geeks on the Beach Web Agency

    Thanks for the list. Some good ones here. But check your links in the last half of the list. They’re a little broken.

  • Björn Hagström

    Interesting but half of the links lead to the wrong page for me…

  • http://www.onsman.com Ricky Onsman

    Those broken links should all be fixed now.

  • http://www.myhell.org FireBrand

    Do you have a Google+ page?

    Also I noticed that you don’t have in your social bar on the left side of your page that you have Google+ on that? Or a way to share to my circles….


  • http://www.worldlightmedia.com Nathan
  • Everydayneed

    The links work like a charm.

  • http://www.politiktraining.at karl staudinger

    thx guys for these showcases. they inspire and motivate

  • http://www.pajero.org.uk Pajero Tim

    Great examples! I’m inspired to have a crack myself now and indeed get into + more than I have done already.

  • http://www.sherman.edu Charlotte Babb


    Working on getting out the word on Google + chiropractic

  • http://www.sociableblog.com/ Social Media Blog

    SociableBlog has one too! https://plus.google.com/117722779501125998088

    Add to Circle.

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