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By Ricky Onsman

Talk with the Experts:
SitePoint Redesign

By Ricky Onsman

Peter Bakacs took on what has to be one of the most challenging design tasks in the web world today: SitePoint.

Just how do you approach redesigning a website that is used by 100,000 developers and designers a day seeking guidance and inspiration for their own work?

You may have seen the brief interview our Design Editor Peter North conducted with Peter Bakacs, in which the designer outlined how he approached the job, some of the challenges he faced and the process he employed. That short interview probably raised as many questions as it answered – it certainly drew some interesting comment from the SitePoint faithful. So, what better way to drill deeper into the design process than to open it up in an online chat session?


This week’s Talk with the Experts features Peter Bakacs doing just that. With our Community Manager and social media maestro Sarah Hawk at the helm, this is sure to be an hour that entertains, informs and perhaps extends or even changes the way you think about web design.

Session time: 3:00pm PDT on Thur 22 August (Find out here what time it will be at your place).

Don’t miss it.

  • Kris

    I hate your current design. WTF is the reading the text now compare to last. Look like we all want to follow Metro without Usability. Useless UI now. Can you name the person here so we can argue with him about the trouble.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like you have a bit of trouble reading, period.

  • Tim

    Well, I’ve given comments on your other two articles about the redesign and you seem to be not approving them (or censoring your commentors).
    So, I’ll reiterate here and see if this comment shows up.
    The design is awful, as Kris stated. The main navigation only shows up on the homepage. Once you get inside the site it is lost in a tiny Topics menu that I didn’t find for about 5 minutes because the type doesn’t stand out. The UX is terrible.
    There are no images on the homepage = my loss of interest.
    There are hardly any images throughout the rest of the site = more loss of interest.
    The page design is boring. Just because you want your site to be responsive doesn’t mean it HAS to be boring, too.
    Your brand is now falling even farther than it was before. You had a brand identity before you did your logo redesign. You’ve lost any recognizable identity by using a “blah” font with a common icon. You basically have no logo or brand.
    Even if this doesn’t get posted I sincerely hope someone (your designer) reads this because he needs to learn a thing or two about web design.

    • Anonymous

      Tim, both your comments on the other pages were approved, by me. I actually used one of them to argue that we should have some more images on the home page (an argument I’m slowly winning, and in fact the image accompanying this article on the home page was in place before you made this comment). There’s no censorship here (although I reserve the right to not publish comments that are abusive). So why aren’t your two other comments showing? I have no idea, and am trying to find out. As with most things, though, if there’s a choice between something being a stuff-up or a conspiracy, nine times out of ten it’s a stuff-up. I welcome constructive criticism. I’d add that none of us at SitePoint are afraid of making our mistakes in public (nervous, sometimes; disappointed, occasionally). We figure we have the best source for self-improvement right in front of us: our readers. Including you. Cheers.

      • ralph.m

        “So why aren’t your two other comments showing? I have no idea, and am trying to find out.”

        The problem is that only a few comments (the latest ones) show by default. There is a link to click to show all comments, but it’s quite faint and easy to miss. (I’ve commented elsewhere, recommending that this be made clearer—or preferably removed.)

        • Anonymous

          That’s part of it, Ralph, but there are some other issues involved. I think I’ve made Tim’s comments come up on both those articles now (and yes, they will tend to be among the hidden replies (due to the number received). But there’s a bit more going on. Thanks, though.

  • Dan Owen

    I like the responsive design. Too bad there is horizontal scrolling at very narrow widths.

  • Sur

    I do not completely agree with Tim. SitePoint definitely holds noticeable and recognizable values to many readers.
    ok, so the new design has got some good but I’d prefer to list out the bad ones instead, since it’s a site that mainly talks about design so deeply (and I love reading sitepoint’s articles).
    -> Why the page is spanning the whole screen ? only to make it responsive ? come on we can make it responsive even with left right margins with the nice 960 page width, that looks good to read.
    -> Its too much of gaps and blank areas… again why so much so compromise just to make it responsive… design innovation is highly required here. Just see the starting of the comments section. There is huge blank area above the text “Comments” .. why ? this hurts reading.
    -> Footer is looking just bad. It’s nearly touching the boundaries, even stretching more than the page content and the center is just empty and the copyright is again going far right touching the scrollbar, what’s the intent here ?
    -> And again the Footer looks just too too naive. Apart from the width and blank area issue, the content and design of footer is very raw.
    -> main menu bar can be more usable if static ?

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