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Talk with the Experts: <br>SitePoint Redesign

By Ricky Onsman



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Peter Bakacs took on what has to be one of the most challenging design tasks in the web world today: SitePoint.

Just how do you approach redesigning a website that is used by 100,000 developers and designers a day seeking guidance and inspiration for their own work?

You may have seen the brief interview our Design Editor Peter North conducted with Peter Bakacs, in which the designer outlined how he approached the job, some of the challenges he faced and the process he employed. That short interview probably raised as many questions as it answered – it certainly drew some interesting comment from the SitePoint faithful. So, what better way to drill deeper into the design process than to open it up in an online chat session?

This week’s Talk with the Experts features Peter Bakacs doing just that. With our Community Manager and social media maestro Sarah Hawk at the helm, this is sure to be an hour that entertains, informs and perhaps extends or even changes the way you think about web design.

Session time: 3:00pm PDT on Thur 22 August (Find out here what time it will be at your place).

Don’t miss it.

Ricky Onsman is a freelance web designer, developer, editor and writer. With a background in information and content services, he built his first website in 1994 for a disability information service and has been messing about on the Web ever since.

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