Talk Node.js with the Experts Tomorrow

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Make sure you don’t miss the next in our series of Talk With The Experts live forum workshops. This time up we have Node.js with Don Nguyen, Giovanni Ferron and Mark Dalgleish – the team of experts behind our upcoming Node.js Jump Start book and exciting new series. The session kicks off at 8pm GMT on Wednesday October 24th. That’s tomorrow.

You can see what time it will be at your place here.

If you’re curious about Node.js, you have a sticky question, or you want to pick up some tips and tricks, Don, Giovanni and Mark will be around for an hour to chat with you in a live text chat session.

A link to the chatroom will be posted here 15 minutes prior to kick-off.
Note: Last time a few people had issues entering the chatroom. If you get an error pertaining to your email address, try again with another address (it doesn’t even have to be a real one – we don’t store them).

If you tend to forget about this kind of thing, you can sign up for email reminders of the sessions here.

See you there!

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