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Taking a SitePoint Course In Your Own Time

    Shayne Tilley

    A common question we receive from customers about our courses is: if you miss the scheduled start of a course, when will you be able to take that course?

    The great thing about all our courses is that you don’t need to wait — you can sign up and get started straight away!

    Let’s take our first course, JavaScript Live, for example. We had a live run-through of the course in April. In that live version, Kevin released 12 lessons, which included articles, videos, and downloads, and ran six live Q&A sessions. The forum was also thriving with activity.

    Missed it? No worries — you can experience JavaScript Live (the replay!) by taking the course right now. While Kevin isn’t running the live Q&A sessions at the moment, you will get access to the 12 lessons, recordings of all the prior Q&A sessions, and access to the private JavaScript Live forum, where you can still have all your questions answered.

    We’ve released five courses to date (with more on the way), so if you’ve been thinking it’s time to brush up on some web skills, check them out:

    The second most common comment we get is simply, “More, more, more!” I promise — more is on the way.