By Dan Thies

Take The SEO Quiz!

By Dan Thies

Rand Fishkin (dude, I hope I got the name right) has put together a fun little SEO Quiz, which is sort of tied to the SEW forums, but fun and challenging for all. You may not do as well if you aren’t up to speed on industry people/gossip, but that’s only 8 of the 32 questions.

I scored 30 out of 32, which should have been 31 but I didn’t want to show up Mr. Sullivan. Actually, it should have been 31 but I made a mouseographical error on one question. Next time, Rand, use 36 point type and put the radio buttons at least 2 inches apart. I’m pretty sure that’s an ADA requirement to make the site accessible to clumsy people. :D

  • randfish

    Will do, Dan – I’ll make sure it’s more accessible for handi-capable users in your demographic.

  • Lol. I’m not SEO expert, but I only got 10 right. I guess though for me it is a start! :D

  • saurab

    14 for me….. i goofed up big time on stuff like whats the last name of Nick W !!! haha

  • interesting, even though it’s not my field. i’d still question the relevance of the entire 3rd section, and there are some errors in the markup that prevent users from selecting certain radio buttons, though…

  • pactum

    Heh. 11 for me, including at least three that were complete guesswork. (Who co-authored “x”? Yikes!)

  • hdsol

    I was feeling down about my 15 but I guess I am in good company. Learned a little though.

  • I love randfish. Great guy.

  • Bob Gladstein

    I got a lousy 20, and I do this for a living. Maybe it’s time to call Starbuck’s…

  • An excellent quiz and very informative!
    It’s great to know detailed answers on questions you’ve answered incorrectly.

  • [QUOTE=Bob Gladstein]I got a lousy 20, and I do this for a living. Maybe it’s time to call Starbuck’s…[/QUOTE]
    Well, if you got the ones that actually matter correct, then maybe you’re far more qualified than someone like me… In my opinion, which must be the truth because I write a blog, only half the questions (at most) really measure knowledge that’s relevant to the practice of SEO.

  • randfish

    I’ll attempt to make the next quiz more fully ‘relevant’ to SEO. This one was more of a trivia, just for fun type of thing.

  • Rand, I think it’s fun to have some fun questions, I just didn’t want Bob to drop out of SEO because he doesn’t know Nick’s last name, or that Ian used to be an exotic dancer.

  • JackAlbright

    14 for me. I didn’t know any of the gossip. Tough questions, though, in a field that I find very elusive.

  • fyi, I got the following:

    Thanks for taking the quiz!
    You correctly answered out of questions.

    Your score is: %

    (maybe because I left blank the ones I had no clue on?)

    very informative though, thanks!

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