TagDragon Ultimate jQuery AutoSuggest

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I bet you know what autosuggest is.  if not, it is a automated process of suggestions on whatever you’re typing in the search text field; just like Google’s search, wherein if you type a single character, a couple of suggestions would automatically appear and it it’ll be upon the user whether he/she selects it or not.

Now, TagDragon a jQuery autosuggest plugin offers great functionalities in terms of the said functions above. TagDragon is bloat, hack-free, elegant, flexible, robust and fast that can be applied in any environment possible.

Key Features

  • Single, multiple and free value
  • Applicable to input boxes and text areas
  • One line of JavaScript
  • Leightweight (<5kb)
  • Easy to style
  • Cross browser support

Other Features

  • Full Unicode support
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Easy to integrate into any back-end
  • Does not conflict with other plugins
  • Gracefully handles disabled Javascript
  • Slim markup, no trickeries
  • Allows for multiple controls per page
  • Configurable value seperator
  • Configurable caching
  • Configurable delay
  • Configurable result limit
  • Configurable minimum characters
  • Configurable postdata
  • Rich callback API for even more control
  • Alternate rows
  • Cheap, while also supporting a charity
  • Friendly licensing model

Demo: http://www.s3maphor3.org/tagdragon/try

Source: http://www.s3maphor3.org/tagdragon/

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