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Tag: AdvancedCSS-hub

Creating Flexible Layouts with Flexbox

By Tiffany Brown,

Tiffany Brown introduces Flexbox, explaining the basic principles behind flex layout, with examples of laying out a basic media object, flexible form components, vertical centering, and creating grid-like layouts, as well as explaining when to use Flexbox over CSS Grid.

Creating Layouts with CSS Grid

By Tiffany Brown,

Tiffany Brown introduces the basics of CSS Grid, covering the grid formatting context, defining a grid layout, explicit versus implicit grids, specifying track size for an implicit grid, creating flexible grids with flex units, using the grid-template shorthand property, and repeating rows and columns.

How to Use Gulp.js to Automate Your CSS Tasks

By Craig Buckler,

Craig Buckler demonstrates how use Gulp.js to automate CSS tasks, such as optimizing images, compiling Sass files, handling and inlining assets, automatically appending vendor prefixes, removing unused CSS selectors, minifying CSS, reporting file sizes, outputting sourcemaps and more.

20 Tips for Optimizing CSS Performance

By Craig Buckler,

Craig Buckler discusses 20 ways to optimize your CSS so that it’s faster-loading, easier to work with and more efficient, covering analysis tools, CDNs, HTTP/2, CSS3, animations and transitions, fonts, concatenation and minifying, build tools, flexbox, grid, SVG, critical CSS, and more.

The Benefits of Using CSS Grid for Web Form Layout

Craig Buckler discusses form layout in the age of CSS Grid, discussing the difficulties of laying out forms with floats and flexbox, and demonstrating the benefits of grid in terms of form layout, the possibilities it offers, and how and why to take a progressive enhancement approach to form layout.

Easy and Responsive Modern CSS Grid Layout

Ahmed Bouchefra shows how to create a responsive modern CSS Grid layout, demonstrating how to use fallback code for old browsers, how to add CSS Grid progressively, and how to restructure the layout in small devices and center elements using the alignment properties.

3D Transformation Functions in CSS

Craig Buckler shows how to add another dimension to your web pages and applications with the new 3D transformation functions and properties in CSS, covering transform, translate, rotations, scaling, perspective and more, along with z-index, browser gotchas, and ideal use cases.