By Jennifer Farley

Streamline Your Online Social Networking With Skimmer

By Jennifer Farley

On top of our design duties, many designers and developers are spending time on social networking activities, whether it’s uploading illustrations and photos to Flickr, or promoting our latest web design or blog posts on Twitter. There are a lot of services out there and using them can suck sizeable chunks of time out of the day. Skimmer is a nicely designed Adobe AIR desktop app that brings together multiple social networks in one place and it’s completely free.

Skimmer’s features include:

  • Feed View
    This is where you can see an aggregated feed of posts from Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. You can filter your feed by group and service.
  • Slideshow View
    This is a full screen view of all your Flickr photos and YouTube videos without clutter.
  • Flickr View and YouTube View
    You can see recently added Flickr photos in a high resolution slideshow or browse through images from your desktop. With YouTube View you can easily browse new videos on a nice big screen.
  • Inline Media
    When a post in a feed contains a photo or video, you can expand it and view it inside the app, zoom in and view pictures as a slideshow.


Once you’ve installed the application you can connect your Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Blogger accounts and you’ll start to see a stream-like view of your contacts updates. Although Skimmer was launched as a Beta about a year ago, I’ve only been using it for a few days but it’s beautifully designed and easy to navigate through and use. The Flickr and YouTube video viewing experience is lovely. The downside of all this ease of use could be I waste even more time social networking.
Have you tried Skimmer?

  • Neil Hinrichsen

    Hmmm I’d try this – if it wasn’t written in AIR, which is a total dog and slows my laptop down dramatically…

  • RobbieGoD

    @Neil – You should try it. I’m not sure what your previous experience was with an AIR app, but give this one a try. I’ve found most of the AIR apps do we very nice (Adobe Media Player is a nice FLV player for example. SimpleDiagrams is a great app too.)

    It might just be you’ve downloaded the apps that were not programmed that well.

  • mmatsoo

    I’m trying it now and it looks/feels slick but it’s kinda’ providing the unfortunate experience of being slick instead of being easy-to-use. (though Jennifer thinks the opposite)
    I have tried to update my avatar pic for the 3rd time but the app keeps hanging, telling me “Updating Avatar”. (the first effort saw the whole screen just go black)
    It seems like key links/buttons are partially hidden until you hover over the right spot and the “What are you doing right now?” input field is less than obvious. (by the way, reading this article and the app’s site didn’t make it clear to me in the first place whether I could update from Skimmer – maybe it goes without saying? – so if anyone else is wondering, you can update from Skimmer)
    Anyway, I don’t want to be negative but these are things that jumped out in the first five minutes. What the actual app does/enables is very cool and it looks good.

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