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Stop The Texas Hold ‘Em Guy!

By Dan Thies

One of the most annoying forms of search engine spam is comment spam, and other automated attacks on dynamic sites intended to plant keyword-laden links to the spammer’s web site.

One spammer in particular seems to be exceptionally prolific. Although I don’t know if this individual is male, female, or in fact an artificial intelligence of some kind, I’ve taken to calling “him” the Texas Hold-Em Guy, or THEG.

THEG will attack any vulnerable script. I thought I was pretty safe running the off-brand WSNLinks for my webmaster resources directory, but it too was attacked by THEG.

We could wait for every software developer to build in better security, then wait for THEG to defeat it, but it’s an endless cycle. Even a CAPTCHA won’t stop THEG, but have no fear… there’s a better way.

All poker fans know that the most relevant resource for information on Texas hold ’em is the Wikipedia, don’t we?

So why isn’t every blogger linking to that wikipedia entry, with every possible variation of texas holdem, texas hold em, texas hold’em, and texas hold ’em in the anchor text?

Fight the THEG, link to Wikipedia today.

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