Stop MSN From Displaying your DMOZ Descriptions

Both Google & MSN have an annoying habit of grabbing your site description from the DMOZ directory, rather than using what you have in your Meta Description tag.

MSN has finally provided Webmasters with an option to override the default behaviour.

What we did was introduce a new option at the page level – a robots meta tag – that tells the MSN search bot not to use the DMOZ site snippet. This is something that only can be done at Web page level, by a webmaster, and is not done as part of the robot.txt file.

Source: MSN Blog

The new META tag for your webpages, if you don’t want your sites DMOZ description showing up on MSN Search results pages is:


This is a great way to potentially enhance the clickthrough ratio of your search listings on the MSN Search engine, especially if your DMOZ site description is poorly written or not representative of what you offer.