Stickybits App – Tag Real Objects With Digital Files

stickybits1 Stickybits is an app and web site which lets you use your iPhone or Android phone to scan in a barcode containing any kind of digital file from text, images, video and PDFs. The barcode is created by you on the Stickybits web site. You print it out and stick it anywhere you want. The app is free to download, as is the barcode, and you can buy stickers on the site.



Stickybits For Designers

I believe the potential usage for designers here is huge. Saving your beautifully designed business card and allowing it to be scanned in easily as a barcode by others is an obvious one, but you could also include your resume as a PDF, or a mini portfolio of work.

Another example that I really liked the idea of is on the app site.

Put a barcode on a box and attach photos of everything that is inside the box. Now you can see what’s in the box without opening it.

The web site includes a wiki with user examples, which included a wine cellar inventory, multimedia real estate signs and someone tracking a dollar bill. The app is still in the early stages and certainly still looks a bit rough around the edges but it’s such a good idea, fun and perfect for creative folk. The branding on the website is nice with little cartoon monsters, and it would be nice to see some of that sort of fun look and feel on the app, too. But I’m sure all that will come with time. The main thing is that app works at this stage. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Have you used this? Any interest in it?