By Andrew Neitlich

Stay the course

By Andrew Neitlich

I’m finishing up some projects as I write this, looking out to how to keep my pipeline full (not that I need to; this year has been FANTASTIC and I could take the rest of it off; but I love what I do).

The answer is simple: Stay the course. I have a focused target market, and need to continue reaching out. So my plan is:

– Pitch ideas to two current prospects who I know from other client work;


– Play tennis with a top referral source and work with him to create some opportunities;

-Turn on my online marketing efforts to my target market, with an emphasis on new educational, valuable materials for this market.

– Experiment with a new target market, closely related to the current one, but different enough to be worth some testing.

The key is to not panic, not flounder, but keep building on what I already know works fine.

Are you staying the course?

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